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    OK, when I get my GameCube, I'm under the impression that it comes with analog cables for audio and either S-Video or composite video. The problem is is that my reciever doesnt have composite video nor does my tv have that or S-VIDEO. How do I get the video signal through, do I need an RF switch, or did I get the wrong information and it turns out the GC comes with a regular RCA video cable? This is making me really paranoid and I'm getting upset.. [​IMG]
    I have a JVC RX7010VBK, you can find pictures of the rear on and I have a really nice Zenith but it only has a coaxial jack (the screw kind of coax.) and analog audio (one pair) and one video input.
    If anyone has any suggestions, please tell me, I need to make a decision. But if you can please tell me somethnig before resorting to getting a new TV because my mom and my brother bought me it for X-Mas a year ago and it would probobly make her mad, please do.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I think (from reading some of your other posts) that you are getting composite and component mixed up.
    Composite is the default (yellow RCA video cable w/ red/white analog audio RCA jacks also)
    Component video has 3 RCA jacks for the video signal (red, green, blue)
    Hope this helps.
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