Gamecube 'All Star Baseball 2002'

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dan Brecher, Oct 18, 2001.

  1. Dan Brecher

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    Jan 8, 1999
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    Got to say this is looking pretty damn impressive. I was just checking out some of the new pics from the Gamecube version over at IGN, and many, especially this one, I found especially striking. Moving back from my monitor to a minimal distance that pic suddenly looked like a TV image.
    More GC version pics here .
    Anyone here own or played the PS2 version?
    Dan (UK)
  2. LarryDavenport

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    Nov 15, 1999
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    Anyone know if Ichiro is in the game?
    I'm getting this with my bundle (with Luigi and Star Wars). I hope this is THE baseball game to get.
  3. Carlo Medina

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    Oct 31, 1997
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    I'm hoping that it's more like the playability of the old N64 versions. The PS2 engine was totally different and I didn't like it at all. All I want is to have the N64 engine, refined, and better graphics. They say it's a "port" of the PS2 but the quick movie I saw (not the one in your link but elsewhere) made it look more like the N64 engine (the pitch/bat interface and trajectory of the pitches) which gave me hope. If it truly is a port of the PS2 version (which had a ton of features from the N64 left off) then I might pass.
  4. Matt Birchall

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    Feb 22, 2000
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    Ditto what Carlo said.
    I've got both ASB2001 for the N64 and ASB2002 for the PS2, and the N64 version is superior to the PS2 version in every way save graphically (and even then, the difference in the graphics isn't that much between the two).
    It looks to me like the Cube version is a straight port of the PS2 version. If it is, fuhgeddaboudit. I'll wait 'til next year. Hopefully, they can get back to their winning ways with ASB2003 which I guess will be out next Spring.
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