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Game Shows on DVD?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by MattPeriolat, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Dan McW

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    Aug 12, 2004
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    -- Interesting comments on the "decline" of various cable stations in the eyes of oldies-TV fans. I was all eager to receive GSN and TV Land, after reading about their early line-ups, and was glad to get them when I did--but they quit airing or lost the rights to a lot of the shows I was interested in shortly after I began receiving them. Then they started squeezing the end credits of shows--a sure sign that a station has jumped the shark. The same thing will probably happen with Goodlife if I ever receive it.

    Local TV stations are about the last outlet for uncut packages of shows, and then only if they can find room among all the infomercials. We've got a station here that's airing Quincy, M.E. virtually uncut, another that airs Gomer Pyle's that run about 24 minutes each and a third that runs uncut Munsters, although only the first show really interests me (DVD having taken care of all the Munsters, pending the season-2 release).

    -- I grew up in the '70s but somehow missed out on the Hutton "Ellery Queen." I never saw it until TV Land picked it up, although I was miffed to learn they had cut off the original introductions to the show. The people at www.elleryqueenshow.com have been trying their darndest to get the show released uncut by Columbia House, but I think CH has about given up on adding new classic-TV titles.

    -- Trio is airing the McCallum "Invisible Man," but I don't receive that channel and don't know anything about their presentation (cutting, time-compression, credit-squeezing, etc.).

    -- Is GSN trying to beat AMC to the finish line in the race for Biggest Collapse of a Once-Great Channel?

    -- Great listing of old cable-TV lineups, Bert and Mark! TNT, in recent years, ran Man From U.N.C.L.E., Wild Wild West and Kung Fu virtually uncut (48-49 minutes), but, well...

    -- Hallmark (referenced above) squeezes credits and cuts shows by up to 20 percent or more, so I don't even tune them in. Sad, as they have one of the best oldies-TV lineups ever.

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