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Gain up 1/2 way on pb2-ultra in 12x17 fully enclosed room, is this ok for the sub? (1 Viewer)

Todd smith

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Apr 2, 2002
Just got a pb2-ultra and I have somewhat of a bass null at my listening positon in a fully enclosed 12x17 room. I cant move my seating area. Moving the sub around helps a little but not anything significant. The bass in all the corners is considerably louder than in the middle open parts of the room (pretty normal right?). It is located in the front right corner of the theater right now. I also have a jbl s-38 on an open bar stool (used as speaker stands) next to the pb2 and then in the middle of the wall sits my 36" tube tv on stand. In the other front corner is my sanus equipment rack with a sherbourn 7/2100, sherbourn pt-7000. All speaks set to small w/ 80hz cross, sub on, night modes off, etc. Pb2 is at 25hz all ports open setting. With the subwoofer trim set to -4 I have to put the gain on the pb2-ultra at the 1/2 way point to get 2-3db hot over my mains. I am using avia and the pb2 ulta manual says to put the sub at 87-88 db vs 85 for the mains which is what I have. It sounds good in there, but it seems wierd to me that I have to have the gain at 1/2. Maybe it is just the characteristics of my room? My question is will this hurt the sub to have the gain this high when running at or near reference levels? I would assume not becaused everything is calibrated correctly according to Avia and my Rat Shack spl meter (c weighting, slow response). I think I need bass traps in the corners at this point.

I tried calling SVS About this but they are closed today:frowning: I would really like to know if I am ok with this as I would like to fire up a few movies today, but I dont want to hurt the sub if the 1/2 gain thing is not right for some reason. Need help....

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