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Alex Sek

May 19, 2003
This is the speaker system I'm thinking of getting.

Front--Bose 301 V-$300
Center--Bose VCS-10-$175
Rear--Bose 161-$130
Subwoofer--Velodyne VX10-$200

Any comments on this setup is needed or if there's something better for around the same price advice is needed too.

Adam Bluhm

Supporting Actor
Feb 9, 2002
You could probably pick up some JBL Studio Series speakers for the same cost. S26's all around with an S Center and a sub of choice.

I have the JBL PB10 but would not recommend it as it sounds okay, but many have amp problems with them.

Brett DiMichele

Senior HTF Member
Sep 30, 2001
Real Name
Acoustic Research HC-6 Package (Less than $400 new on ebay)
and replace the AR 8" sub with a decent 12" sub (Sony SAWM-40 I think it's under $150.00) you would have one hell of a
surround setup. Actualy the AR 8" powered sub would still
make more clean bass than any of the Bose offerings.

I also second checking out JBL and also check out the Energy
Take5 and PSB Stratus Mini's and there are many, many others.


Stunt Coordinator
Nov 24, 2002
Hi Alex and welcome to HTF!

There really isn't anything I can add to the link Dan Hine gave you -- I think that about says it all where Bose is concerned.

I do have a few recommendations however in the under $900. range for a complete 5.1 speaker system that should sound significantly better than your posted Bose set-up:

1) Onix Rocket: ELT-1 -- not out yet, but should be within
the month. It's a package of four matching sats, a
center, plus a sub. Check out the Rocket web site at
www.av123.com and contact their sales staff for more
info. $899.00 (available on-line only)

2) Wharfedale: Diamond 8.1 -- four matching spkrs. for
the fronts and rears, plus the Diamond center spkr.
from BestBuy.com will run $550.00. (not available
at BB's retail stores as far as I know) Add a
Velodyne CHT-8 sub from Circuit City and your total
will be $850.00 for the whole 5.1 set-up. A 10"
Velodyne sub, the CHT-10, will run you another $100.

3) Athena: Point 5 -- a package of four matching sats
and a center for $499.99 at Best Buy. My local BB
doesn't have them in stock yet, but says they should be
available by the end of this month. They are avail.
now at BestBuy.com Add either Athena's suggested sub
for the Point 5 package, or go with one of the
Velodyne's from above. Either way, you'll still be
under $900.00

I could make other recommendations as well, but it really will depend on the size of your room and how and where you'll be mounting the speakers. The systems above should do well in a small to medium-sized room.

Hank Frankenberg

Senior HTF Member
Oct 13, 1998
Alex, Dan's Bose link list says it all. Your proposed system totals $805. I recommend 3 Rutledge Audio Design M-1's for the front at about $400, and 2 RAD Micro's at $150 for the surrounds. Total $550 and that leaves $255 for the sub of your choice. To trim your budget, you could do 5 of the Micro's for $375. I helped Brian design the Micro's, so I know their sound. You'd be pleased.
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Alex Sek

May 19, 2003
I don't have time to read through the Bose link, so could someone summarize why Bose isn't a good choice. I skimmed through the Bose link, but all I saw were the cube speakers.

Do the speakers suggested above have a lot of bass?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Adam Horak

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 3, 2002
Basically Bose makes very poor sounding, cheap speakers and sells them at premium prices. Any of the setups mentioned above will vastly outperform Bose at the same price point.

At your price point, you are most likely looking at purchasing small bookshelf speakers. These speakers will not produce a lot of bass on their own, but that is what your subwoofer is for.

Lam Nguyen

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 29, 2002
Check out Paradigm Performance series (Atom & Titan), very good sound at small price. Many great reviews on these, just do a search.

Jamie Doucette

Stunt Coordinator
May 3, 2002
I have never listened to the Acoustic Research HC6 and I am sure it is a excellent choice.

I will second the Energy 5.2 system, it is a vastly superior set up compared the the speakers you originally mentioned. Great build quality, great sound, come with a excellent warranty, and as far as I know, everyone here loves them (i think :) ).

Good luck, and remember, auditioning different speaker systems is the best part of searching for new toys!


Supporting Actor
Jan 28, 2003
I will third the Energy's I have the 5+1's not much difference between them and I guarantee they will, can, & have outperformed anything you could toss at them by Bose. I've had mine for about 6 months now and finally got off my lazy butt and calibrated my system. Everything sounded great out of the box, but now it sounds absolutely amazing. I've yet to have anyone over even people who have way more invested in there setup's who aren't amazed with how good these little things can really sound. The Energy's would be a much better choice over the Bose and will you give you a long time of listening enjoyment.

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