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Future of DVD's... (1 Viewer)


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May 22, 2003
This has been bothering me for quite some time, and I would greatly appreciate your opinions on the matter...Long story short, I love collecting DVD's...It is my hobby...I dont hunt, I dont fish, I love home theater...I buy movies whenever I can, but just recently I have been worrying about the future of DVD...I for one am sick of all the DVD releases that end up having a deluxe edition re-release a few months later and was wondering about what will happen now that High Definition TV sets are the future of home theater. Are they going to re-release all DVD's yet again but this time in High Definition to better support our new HD monitors?...I bought a 46 inch Toshiba HD Projection and love it, but some of the DVD's I have do not look the best on this screen. Can someone explain HD sets and their effect on DVD's better for me, and should I worry about HD DVD's at this point? What are your thoughts and opinions on this matter? I sure hope I do not have to buy all of my movies all over again to get the full advantage of my HD set.

One last thing, which is off topic, but my left surround speaker buzzes at times when my sub is pretty active. The sub is on the left side of my TV, and I didnt know if this had something to do with my speaker buzzing and crackling a little. Like I said, it only does it when there is heavy bass, but I sure hope it isnt something major with the speaker itself. What can I do to prevent this buzz. My receiver is only a year old. Thanks for your advice and help.

Jack Briggs

Senior HTF Member
Jun 3, 1999
Whoa, Jay, let's try to narrow our posts down to a single topic. Since you're asking about the future of DVD-Video in the first part, I've moved your post to HT Software. This topic is a frequent one with the advent of competing high-def optical formats on the horizon. (Do a search by typing "HD-DVD" and "Blu-ray," for instance.)

As for your other questions, post in the appropriate hardware-related sections. The Basics area is for general discussion at the beginner level only.

As for the crackling and buzzing noises you're noticing, it really sounds like you are overdriving your system beyond the speakers' power-handling limits. Don't turn things up so loud.

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