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Futurama Volume Two- 8/12? (1 Viewer)


May 6, 2003
Hey, I've been reading this board for a while and this is my first post, but anyway according to http://www.foxtvdvd.com, it says Futurama Volume Two will be out on August 12. I hope so, that happens to be the day before my birthday. Anyway just thought I'd share what I found.


Second Unit
Apr 12, 2003
Great find Kon! It's good to know they aren't waiting an eternity to release the show on DVD.

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
DVDEmpire has had that pic for a while...it's the R2 cover. There's no telling if the same cover will be used for R1 yet...probably, but who can be sure? DVDEmpire just probably nabbed it as "temp art", though.

As far as the FoxTVDVD.com site goes, I think the site may be suffering from a series of typos, including that Futurama date and two other dates. Here's why:

1) M*A*S*H Season 4 is shown there as 6/15...a keystroke away from being right. Per Fox's password-protected retailer/press information network, and all the other official sources, the release date is still 7/15 for that item. Looks like a slip o' the finger.

2) Futurama 2 and Angel 2 could be a case of release date switcheroo (plus a 1-week offset on the August date). The new site is saying:
* 8/12 Futurama "Season" 2
* 9/02 Angel S2

The dates previously made available are:
* 9/02 Futurama V2
* 8/19 Angel S2

The simplest explanation is NOT that Fox changed release dates on three titles, but instead that the people creating that web page made a mistake.

3) Proof of a DEFINATE mistake? Futurama and Family Guy are both listed everywhere on that site as "Season" instead of "Volume". As we know, Fox isn't sticking to "Season" sets on these two shows, but putting them out by "Volumes" instead. Someone got in a rut and wasn't careful. :)

4) It can't even claim to have "all Fox TV DVD titles", since nowhere does it mention Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding or Death Of The Incredible Hulk. Okay...both of those were post-cancellation telefilms. I'm only half-serious about that one! :laugh:

But really, I'm not trying to beat up Fox here. I'm just trying to point out multiple inaccuracies so that noone is too quick to be *sure* that the 8/12 date for Futurama is correct. Not based on this, anyway.

Hey, if we get different, definative info that verifies that the FoxTVDVD.com site is correct after all, then I'll be the first to jump on the bandwagon! :wink:

In any case, welcome to the HTF, Kon! Thanks for bringing that website to our attention; I think it had slipped under the radar here. I hope the errors can get straightened out and I'll be keeping an eye on it for any cool info that might leak out from there.


Dec 19, 2002
Excellent news! I wish Fox would get the Simpsons sets out this fast...

This set will be 24 episodes correct?

Scott Weinberg

Senior HTF Member
Oct 3, 2000
Here is what the Futurama seasons look like as far as their (eventual) DVD releases:

Season 1

Space Pilot 3000
The Series Has Landed
I, Roommate
Love’s Labour’s Lost in Space
Fear of a Bot Planet
A Fishful of Dollars
My Three Suns
A Big Piece of Garbage
Hell is Other Robots
A Flight to Remember
Mars University
When Aliens Attack
Fry and the Slurm Factory

Season 2

I Second that Emotion
Brannigan Begin Again
A Head in the Polls
Xmas Story
Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?
Lesser of Two Evils
Put Your Head on My Shoulder
Raging Bender
A Bicyclops Built for Two
A Clone of My Own
How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
The Deep South
Bender Gets Made
Mother’s Day
The Problem with Popplers
Anthology of Interest 1
War is the H-Word
The Honking
The Cryonic Woman

Season 3

Amazon Women in the Mood
Parasites Lost
A Tale of Two Santas
The Luck of the Fryrish
The Bird-bot of Ice-catraz
Bendless Love
The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
That’s Lobstertainment!
The Cyber House Rules
Where the Buggalo Roam
Insane in the Mainframe
The Route of All Evil
Bendin’ in the Wind
Time Keeps on Slippin’
I Dated a Robot
A Leela of Her Own
A Pharoah to Remember
Anthology of Interest 2
Roswell that Ends Well
30% Iron Chef

Season 4

Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch
Leela’s Homeworld
Love & Rocket
Less Than Hero
A Taste of Freedom
Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV - x
Jurassic Bark
Crimes of the Hot
Teenage Mutant Leela’s Hurdles
The Why of Fry
Where No Fan Has Gone Before
The Sting - x (Currently scheduled for broadcast on 6/1.)
Bend Her - x
Obsoletely Fabulous - x
The Farnsworth Paradox - x
Three Hundred Big Boys - x
Spanish Fry - x
The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings - x

x = As yet unaired by FOX

However Fox chooses to mangle this order will mean nothing once they run their final 8 episodes.

I also came across this very cool interview with series co-creator David X. Cohen in which he divulges a few fascinating DVD tidbits:

There's a LOT more to this interview, so Futurama fans will want to check it out.


Senior HTF Member
Jan 27, 2003
Hmmmm? Interesting...I added this to my Amazon wish list on April 28th 2003, and I wrote the comment (September 2, 2003) which was what Amazon originally said.

They've since retracted the date and left it as "Not Yet Released"
Futurama Vol. 2 on Amazon


Senior HTF Member
Jan 27, 2003
Mystrery Solved! Thanks Dave

Edit: I just noticed they did the same thing for "Family Guy" Vol. 2...Not only do they both say "NOT YET RELEASED", but the artwork is gone as well.

p.s. I had Spet. 9th for the date on Family Guy.


Feb 7, 2003
Ah nuts. '24': Season 2 is now unconfirmed as well.

I still hope they keep the Spet 2nd date (if indeed that's what it really was), 'cause I can't wait to rewatch that season, and possibly in DD 5.1.

Ben Seibert

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 4, 2002
Wow, it's the day before my birthday as well. Great timing, since I still haven't had an excuse to pick up the first one.

Sean Frost

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 29, 2003
I can't wait for this to come out. The secound season is so much better than the first.

Scott Weinberg

Senior HTF Member
Oct 3, 2000
www.davisdvd.com is also reporting the 8/12 release date, and this site rarely steers us wrong. Yay! August! Good news everyone!

(P.S. Last night's "new" Fox episode ("The Sting") was a lot of fun!)

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
Head back over to TVShowsOn DVD and you'll see that last night I published updated specs for Futurama V2, NYPD Blue S2, Angel S2, and Family Guy V2. Fox updated info for all four last night!

Futurama V2 is definately 8/12 now, switching with Angel S2 which is now 9/2. The other two dates remain the same. I have a full list of specs and extras at the site. Gotta jet, sorry.

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