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Jan 24, 2005
I was looking at an old buddy of mine's wife's website and came across this blog and found it entertaining....thought you all would enjoy it as well. A clearly non-enthusiasts view point.

Here is an exerpt...
Back to the Future or My Quest for HDTV

I had been looking with hungry eyes at those big screen plasma TVs for well over a year, when I finally decided to take the plunge. Last November while we were visiting Val's folks in Missouri, I let a slick talking salesman at the Nebraska Furniture Mart load me up with a 42 inch Panasonic Plasma TV and an Onkyo surround sound system. The unit hanging on the wall had an absolutely incredible picture; it was like looking through a very clean window. Val and I held hands and looked up at the amazing picture with big Anime' eyes and said, "oooh, aaah." The salesman put both hands on the lapels of his seersucker suit, tilted his fedora hat back on his head, chewed on his straw and said, "Ain't that High Definition Television (oooh, aaah) somethin' else?" And we agreed.

After Thanksgiving, I could hardly wait to get home to set everything up and experience the wonder of High Definition Television (oooh, aaah). I hooked that rascal up with about a mile of speaker cords, and video cords from the DVD player and VCR cords, and the cable feed. I felt a bit like Captain Nemo fighting the giant squid, but I finally tamed all the wires down to an impenetrable tangle behind the TV set (the cat went back there about a week ago and hasn't come out yet, I hope he's okay). With great fanfare, I wielded the remote control like a gunslinger, took aim, and let that infrared beam fly. The set powered up and came on and the picture was ...ok. OK? It's supposed to be freakin' High Definition (oooh, aaah)!

See the rest here...

Mary M S

Mar 12, 2002
”A TV antenna? You've got to be kidding!
I've got all this high tech stuff crammed into my sunroom, and you're telling me I could use granny's old TV antenna to get High Definition TV”

The above was exactly my reaction when I first realized what I needed to access the complete (and tiny) available HD channel range.
I was even depressed about it, since we had given up on terrestrial broadcasts after starting out with rabbits ears (over years) which morphed in time to something ‘up on the rooftop’ which was about the size of Santa’s sleigh, or looked like the space station, (depending on your angle of view.) because of the difficulties obtaining clean analog reception.
By the time I had HD capability windage had destroyed the old ulgy duckling and we only had a dish. Couldn’t believe it was ‘back on the roof’ time. Was worried that an “HD” antenna OTA would probably be very ‘techy’ and enormous. I was so relieved to find out:

You could go out to the trash heap, pull out a bent up old antenna, and whompbabaloobop bing bang boom, you got yourself some HDTV

cute read.


Second Unit
Mar 9, 2000
Funny story, and well-written. Which reminds me-the story is the copyright of the author and by posting it in its entirety on this web site, presumably without the author's express permission, you've violated the author's copyright. Might want to edit your post and just post an excerpt and a link to the blog.


Senior HTF Member
May 9, 2001
North Texas
Real Name

I think it's kind of cool that you can use something that's been on the roof 30+ years to get HD, myself.

Mary M S

Mar 12, 2002
"I think it's kind of cool that you can use something that's been on the roof 30+ years to get HD, myself."


but I was issued WAF veto powers at birth. :)
I was depressed to put the gosh awful ugly silver sticks back on the roof.
however, - even I have my limits. (and make sacrifice acordingly :D )
I never fell for the
wonderfully Lilliputian Bose* cubes,
and I own a SVS* cylinder sub ( I purchased...not the husband) I just had to find a place to hide it. :laugh:

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