Funny little thing I did that made my mom's birthday.

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    You guys remember me talking about Rosie, right? Well yesterday I bought a birthday card, and filled it out so Rosie could give it to my mom. When my mom got it today, she smiled, which she doesn't often do due to being sick. She said it really made her day. She thought it was a cute and nice gesture for me to do that. Rosie, Trog(the other pug), and I also gave her a stuffed toy pug, which she loved too. I also gave her a Red Dragon novel and my sister and I gave her a vase full of roses. She's very happy for once, which has made my day. Sorry if you guys don't wanna hear this. i figured it'd be a nice change from hearing about all the bad stuff about my mom being sick.
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    Good work. I hope you feel very good about yourself... you should. Thanks for sharing. This kind of story is one of the reasons I keep coming back to the AHL. [​IMG]

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