Funny Compuer Repair Stories?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Patrick Cate, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. Patrick Cate

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    Sep 18, 1998
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    I was just wondering if anyone had any funny computer repair stories they could share? Either about repairing your own computer, or someone elses.
  2. KyleS

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    Jul 24, 2000
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    Funny, Gross, dangerous, you name it and I have probably run into it somewhere in the field when out repairing computers or when they are brought into my shop.
    Guy brought in his computer that he tried to build on his own and he couldnt figure out for the life of him why it wouldnt turn on. Seems he forgot to hook up the leads from the power switch/reset switch/etc to the motherboard so it didnt know to turn on when he kept hitting the power button. Honest mistake but I got a good kick out of it because he was swearing he followed the book to a T and didnt forget anything except that obvious dangling connectors.
    Multiple times when people have brought computers to me and they dont know why it stopped working. Well before I can even open up the computer I could smell that they are smokers and when I opened up their computers they are caked with Tar. Yellow shit everywhere which in most cases would stop the CD from reading correctly or gum up the Hard drive causing it to fail or the worst where he smoked so much the CPU fan stopped rotating and the CPU overheated/fried. Absolutely the worst site when you open a heavy smokers computer YUK! Funny part about this is I try to explain to them that this is only the second hand tar and that there lungs look worse then that and they DONT believe me. [​IMG]
    Would have to be a friend of mine when we had a used 20" Sony monitor come into our office that was out of warranty with Sony. I told him to leave it alone but he wouldnt listen and opened it up. I warned him to stay away from the Capacitors but he slipped up and touched one. Talk about sparks and dead silence following. Funny part after we knew he was ok was looking back he looked just like Tim Allen when he was trying to fix the dishwasher. Sparks flew, he yanked his arm away, and then just stood there with a shocked (pun intended) look on his face. [​IMG]
  3. NickSo

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    Jul 2, 2000
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    Nick So
    Hmm, not really funny, but:
    I had just recieved some Arctic Siver Alumina in the mail i ordered. My computer was already built for a week or so using some generic heatsink goop.
    Well, i opened up my computer, tried to pry off the heatsink, but that thing was stuck on like a b*tch. So i took out the one stick of 256 RAM i had to get better access to it. I kept pushing on the hooks with a screwdriver SLIP. *OH SHIT* i scratched off a sticker that was on the mobo. No visible damage to the copper leads though. So i kept working, finally got it off, did my stuff, put the heatsink back on, and flipped the switch...
    PSU powers up, monitor.. does nothing. I hear beep, beep, beep... *OH SHIT... I JUST F*CKED UP MY 1-WEEK OLD COMPUTER! MY PARENTS ARE GONNA KILL ME*
    now im panicking OH NO OH NO NOOOOOO!!!
    I look across on the table, and before my eyes i see the single peice of ram lying there. YES!
    Wiping away the tears and snot from my face, i proceed to put the Ram in, turn back on the computer, and it comes to life!
    Not funny, but yeah... my only computer story :p)
  4. BradyB

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    Dec 17, 2000
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    Not a repair story, but an upgrade story... My room-mate got a new computer for starting univeristy. Well he also had to get a removable hard drive to use while at school. So we get the computer home, and after installin everything and making sure it works and they put the right stuff in it, we decide 'okay, lets put this removable hard drive in'.

    that was easier said than done. We were switchin IDE cables this way and that, trying to get everything to work, but this damn removable drive would NEVER NEVER read. The bios noticed it, windowz didn't, but the bios didn't notice it correctly, so we fooled with that for a while. we even did the forget to put the RAM back in thing a few times. Well this went on for about two weeks, and we were getting very pissed.

    for you information, we are not computer dunces, we are both Computer Science Majors, I am in my final year he is entering his second.
    Anyways after just about giving up, my roomates dad comes by to take a look, after a few hours of doing the same thing we had done a hundred times, still no luck... his dad notices the key slot in the front that locks the drive in. and suggests to try locking it in...
    Guess what... there is a power switch on that damn lock... once we locked it, everything powered up and worked perfectly.

    Talk about feelin pretty stupid. :b

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