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    I was checking out user reviews for a book called "The Story of Farts" (don't even ask) at and this one caught my eye:
    I originally purchased this wonderful book in order to aggravate my mother-in-law (not the current one, but my third wife's overly prudish mamma). She couldn't stand to hear my children (her "little boopsies") say the innocuous word "fart" (she prefers the even more innocuous and utterly ridiculous "fizzle").
    Anyhow, I figured this little tome would really get my kids going (and as a consequence, rile up the prim and proper Gooba (her cute, carefully selected Grandmother name). Well, it sure did!! My kids (and I) learned more about the natural process of farting than we thought possible. I can't tell you how much pleasure I derived seeing my youngens sling the f-word at Gooba. And if their maniacal laughter meant anything, they got a heckuva kick out of it as well.
    The author is Japanese, but the translation is top-notch. There are also many hilarious pictures (this book was aimed for 4-7 year olds) as well as clues as to which particular foods will help you get that stench just right (I never had the chance to try this on Gooba, too bad!). Overall, this book serves many purposes. It can educate and infuriate. A winning combination in my book!!!

    Anyway, I checked out the reviewer's "See More About Me" page, and there seems to be a recurring theme in the reviews. Am I the only one who finds the whole thing funny?
    Check it out for yourself:
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    The Story of Farts!

    I was just reading this at my friends house the other day, her mother bought it for her for xmas.

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