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    I modeled my Blueprint 1001 woofer in a 1-cu.ft. sealed enclosure with the Parts Express 300-796 plate amp (the one that actually develops 272 watts @ 4ohms with 6dB of bass boost at 30Hz) and I found that I could get a Qtc of 0.52 and flat response (at -1dB down to 30Hz, with an F3 of the total system at 25 Hz. While it won't hop or pressurize the room like a Sunfire True Subwoofer, it may sound a lot better from a music standpoint. As I read on the Vandersteen web site, low Q is great for music, but not the best for home theater thunder. This is good for me, though, because I like the tight sting-bass type sound it may have a little extra fun on home theater rumbling. I expect that with only a cubic foot of air behind it, it should not exceed Xmax in that box.The only concern is hot-oven effects on the driver, but I'll deal with that if it occurs.

    Fun Awesomeness after Christmas with a miniature sealed sub that plumbs the depths and has a practically flat frequency response...Too bad they don't sell that particular model of driver anymore becuse then lots of people could have fun little gift subwoofers that will fit in small spaces and hit hard and low.
  2. sounds good! do take some pictures [​IMG]
    too bad you can't get ANY of their drivers anymore (or so it seems). Bills customer service (whether in his hands or not) is completely down hill..hence I no longer support them anymore.
    ...irrespective of that, their drivers are a pretty darn nice deal!!

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