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Discussion in 'DVD' started by DouglasRobert, May 9, 2006.

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    Someone on the JJB forum on ezboard posted a poll asking which one do you prefer.

    This forum is mostly teenagers or early 20's.

    Here are the results as of today.

    Full Screen! 22 / 25.0%
    Wide Screen! 55 / 62.5%
    It doesn't matter to me 11 / 12.5%

    And here is some of responses.

    i rather have full screen, i don't care for wide screen, sometimes the whole image don't fit on my wide screen tv, and I hate that.

    Widescreen RULES!! Movies are filmed in WIDESCREEN format, theatres show movies in WIDESCREEN format, and Full Screen cuts off so much of the scene. I used to be bothered a bit by the black bars on the top and bottom of a standard tv screen, but that has long since passed. I just focus on the actual movie itself, and don't notice them anymore. I also watch movies with the lights out, so the entire room is basically dark, which also helps.

    Widescreen all the way!!

    Doesn't matter to me. But I usually watch everything in widescreen. And I watch movies on my little 7 inch dvd player so you can imagine how small the screen is lol, but you don't even notice it after a while.

    If I had a widescreen tv it would definitely be widescreen. But since we have a little tv I prefer full screen until we can afford a widescreen tv.

    Full Screen. I don't like those black lines.

    Widescreen. I could never go back to Full Screen. It sucks so hard.

    Full screen. I hate widescreen.

    widescreen is the way it should be. Fullscreen makes me crazy.

    Whatever the movie was intended to be viewed in. For majority of movies, it's widescreen all the way. However there are some of the older movies where the only thing they're available in is 'fullscreen' because that's they way they were filmed in the first place (hence, what the movie was intended to be viewed in).

    Full Screen.. but that's because my TV in my room is so small that I hate having it squished even more.
    I usually check although I've slipped a few times and gotten widescreen. Oh well.. I'll still watch it.

    You are aware that you are going to have to buy these all over again just to get the Widescreen version. You're just wasting money. I don't own a widescreen TV yet, but I always buy Widescreen just so I don't have to buy the same titles again.
    It makes more sense to me to just buy the Anamorphic Widescreen DVD now, then have to buy the same thing again when I own a Widescreen TV.

    I prefer Full Screen. I'm one of those people who make a point to buy DVD's like that.

    Widescreen. Hate full screen.
    My TV in my room is a 16", my desktop screen is 19", and my laptop screen is 12", and I still refuse to buy full screen.
    The only exceptions are TV shows that aren't filmed widescreen (obviously) and really old films that weren't filmed widescreen (again, obviously)

    I can't stand full screen, I don't see the point of paying to see or buying a movie where you're missing out on some of the picture, unless you have a tiny tv or it's a romantic comedy or something where the artistic aspect of it doesn't really exist

    Definitely wide screen. You get the version the director wanted you to see (at least visually, anyway).

    Doesn't really matter.


    I think it's really good that so many young people prefer Widescreen over Full Screen.

    What are your thoughts on the poll?
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    Cees Alons
    It sucks.

    No, really, I'm glad the new generation wants the right thing and is so outspoken. The studios better beware!

    (The one thinking a movie totally filling a widescreen TV is a fullscreen movie should be educated!)

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    Nice to see that the majority of the next generation isn't as dumb as we thought. [​IMG]
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    Paul McElligott
    Just proves that full screen is really for stupid parents and not stupid kids.
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    I thought it was for both. [​IMG]

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