FT: Rare, Deleted Tenacious D Album

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    I have the original, recalled Tenacious D CD with the baby pictures on the back cover (recalled post Sept-11th, and the babies chained to satan were removed). I happened to find one copy that was misplaced at a Tower Records in LA after all the other copies had been returned to the distributor.

    While this isn't as crazy big-money OOP as Salo or anything- I don't like the album and was thinking about selling it to a used CD shop- and figured I'd offer it for trade first. I'm just looking to get any decent DVD out of the deal and hopefully hook up a TD fan (someone who would actually care about the artwork difference) with the original, un-altered release of this CD.

    The disc is perfect- I played it once and it's been on my shelf ever since.

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    you have a pm vince

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