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FT: Planet Of The Apes Box Set, Pink Floyd: The Wall, more!!! (1 Viewer)

Chad B.

Second Unit
May 16, 1999
DVDs For Trade
Air Force One
Convoy [Factory Sealed, Region 2]
Don't Torture A Duckling - Fulci
Hellraiser: Bloodline
Inferno - Dario Argento
The Iron Giant
Manhattan Baby - Lucio Fulci
101 Dalmatians '96
Pink Floyd: The Wall
Planet Of The Apes Box Set (includes 5 of the DVDs, the original movie is not included)
Pokemon 2000
Shadow Of The Vampire
5 DVDs For Any 1 DVD
Crocodile [Screener]
Komodo [Screener]
Lucious/Psychopath [Screener]
Rich And Strange/Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Scorcerer's Apprentice
Young And Innocent/Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Cheney Vase
Email only please!!!
[email protected]
I am a gold trader here and a master trader at HTF. I am only looking for the titles listed below. Please do not reply directly to this thread.
Complete Region 1 DVD Wantlist
Black Adder: The Complete Collection
The Bad Seed
Black Sunday
Blind Side
The Book Of Pooh
Cop And A Half
Fear '96
A Few Good Men: Special Edition
Frosty The Snowman
The Fugitive: Special Edition
The Indian In The Cupboard
In The Line Of Fire: Special Edition
The Klumps Uncensored DTS
Komodo: Special Edition
La Femme Nikita (MGM)
My Best Friend's Wedding: Special Edition
My Life
Never Talk To Strangers (Columbia)
The Odd Couple
Pearl Harbor (A&E)
Pooh's Grand Adventure
SNL: The Best Of Dana Carvey
SNL: The Best Of Steve Martin
Stargate SG-1: Season 1
T-Rex (IMAX)
Trial & Error '97
Trumpet Of The Swan
Under Siege
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
Also looking for numerous DVDs from Regions 2-6 which are posted in my thread at DVDTalk under my handle: codefree.
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David Tolsky

Supporting Actor
Sep 3, 1999
Why does your POTA box set not include the original movie, and how much would you sell the set for if you don't get a trade?

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