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FT: OOPs incl. Hard Boiled & SOTL CC, many more. Want Black Adder, Prisoner, others (1 Viewer)

Phil Thron

Second Unit
Mar 20, 2002
Hello everyone…thanks for dropping in.
I have the following DVDs for trade. Any that aren’t sealed are in mint condition unless noted.
Silence of the Lambs CC (sealed)
The Wicker Man LE Box (sealed)
Akira Tin (sealed)
Swamp Thing (sealed, a few tears in wrapping & price tag, case is untouched though)
West Side Story
Parents (FS; only release on DVD)
The Spy Who Loved Me SE
Nosferatu (Herzog, single-disc, initial AB release) (sealed)
Beauty and the Beast PE
At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul (Marins: 1st Coffin Joe; includes comic book insert)
Tenderness of the Wolves
Vengeance of She (sealed)
Ninth Gate (sealed)
The Beyond (some wear on top edge of outer insert; disc is mint)
Road Trip R-Rated
Duel in The Sun: Roadshow Edition (sealed)
2 for 1 for some titles
Blue Velvet (non SE)
National Geographic: The Battle For Midway (sealed)
Hellhounds on My Trail: The Afterlife of Robert Johnson
My Wants
Black Adder Collection
Prisoner Collection
High Want
Onibaba (can someone tell me where I can purchase this one?)
The Stone Tape
20 Million Miles to Earth
Witchfinder General
Sleepless (widescreen PAL 2-disc release)
David Lynch Shorts Collection
24 Season 1
Sopranos Season 3
Shadow of a Doubt
Hidden Fortress CC
Naked Kiss CC
The Lady Vanishes CC
The 39 Steps CC
The Killer CC
The 400 Blows CC
I Know What I Want CC
Universal Classic Monsters:
Dracula’s Daughter/Son of Dracula
Werewolf of London/She-Wolf of London
Just Plain Want
Cannibal Holocaust (EC anamorphic collectors edition)
Dead Alive
Giallo Collection
Near Dark
7 Faces Of Doctor Lao
Princess Mononoke
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest SE
Groundhog Day SE
Die Hard UC Box (or just the first movie)
Mostly looking for items from my want list, but I will certainly entertain any reasonable offer.
Prefer to respond to emails; please send any offers to [email protected].
I’m a Gold Trader at DVDTalk (pthron) and on the Good Traders list at HTF. I will ask that you ship first only if you have no feedback yet.
Thanks for taking the time to look and Happy Trading. :)

Phil Thron

Second Unit
Mar 20, 2002
Edited for trades...

Can anyone here tell me where I can purchase the Japanese film, ONIBABA? I really want this one and am willing to buy it if I can find a retailer who has it. Thanks in advance...

Phil Thron

Second Unit
Mar 20, 2002
And yet another, further, different set of changes, edits, additions and subtractions.

Oh yeah...and a bump...

Phil Thron

Second Unit
Mar 20, 2002
Edited again after a bunch o' trades...

...thanks to all the great traders I've dealt with in the past few weeks...

...keep the offers coming!

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