FT: Once Upon a Time in Italy, Christopher Lee Collection, plus tons more

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    Okay, never traded here before, but I'm a Gold Trader on DVD Talk and I've done at least 30 trades on HorrorDVDs. I have lots of stuff for trade, and a lot of wants not listed below so feel free to make any offers.

    I have tons of extra inserts (chapter lists, not covers) lying around. Too many to list, if you are looking for any let me know.

    Criterions/Box Sets
    Christopher Lee Collection - Blue Underground (Blood of Fu Manchu, Castle of Fu Manchu, Bloody Judge, and Circus of Fear) Pending
    Complete Daimajin, The (Includes Daimajin, Return of Daimajin and Wrath of Daimajin)
    Once Upon a Time in Italy (A Bullet for the General, Companeros, Keoma, Four of the Apocalypse, and Texas, Adios)
    SCTV : Volume 2 (Sealed)
    Son of the Beach - Volume One
    Twister - Collector's Set

    Other Region:
    Alligator/ Alligator 2 Anchor Bay Double Feature - Region 2 PAL Pending
    Dogville 2-Disc SE Region 2 Nordisk

    The Rest
    24 Hour Party People
    About a Boy - Sticker on disc, light scratches
    Adaptation - Superbit
    An Evening With Kevin Smith
    Altered States
    Almost Famous - Regular Version
    American Beauty
    American Psycho OOP version
    Animatrix, The
    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes - Special Collector's Edition
    Audition - Limited cardboard slipcase version
    Bad Santa - or Badder Santa if you prefer (I hate that title myself)
    The Beast that Killed Women/The Monster of Camp Sunshine
    Behind the Planet of the Apes - 2-Disc version (sharpie "PVD" on each disc, discs are fine otherwise)
    Being John Malkovich
    Big Girls Don't Cry
    BMWFilms.com - The Hire 8 short films
    Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Image Special Collector's Edition
    Clerks : Uncensored
    Corky Romano - some scratches, still plays.
    Dead Heat w/ Treat Williams
    Dead of Night/Queen of Spades
    Dogma 2-disc SE
    Don't Look Now
    Ernest Scared Stupid
    Evil Dead : OOP Elite version
    Fast Company - 2-disc
    From Hell
    Galaxy Quest
    Gore Gore Girls
    Grave of the Fireflies 2-disc
    Groundhog Day : Special Edition
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
    Heavy Metal
    High Fidelity
    Horror - Dante Tomaselli
    Initiation/ Mountaintop Motel Massacre'
    Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius - No Insert
    Mad Monster Party
    Monster - Charlize Theron
    Natural Born Killers - Director's Cut
    Near Dark 2-disc
    Nightmare City
    The Novices
    The Office - Series 1
    One Hour Photo
    Out for a Kill
    Possession of Nurse Sherri Pending
    Prehistoric Women
    Psycho Sisters
    Pump up the Volume
    Reefer Madness - Fox version w/ Mike Nelson commentary
    Road to Perdition
    Rocky Horror Picture Show - 2-disc OOP
    Rush Hour 2 TRADED after only 3 years on my list!
    Shade - Stallone
    Silent Night Deadly Night part 1 and 2 double feature
    Spider - Cronenberg
    Star Wars Episode 1 - PRP
    Star Wars Episode 2 - PRP
    The Stunt Man
    The Mighty Gorga/ One Million Years AC/DC Pending
    The Stunt Man - Single disc
    Tim Roth's The War Zone
    Twister Collector's Set
    Two of Us
    Violence in a Women's Prison
    Yokai Monsters
    Zombie Holocaust Pending

    These I didn't feel like adding into the rest of the list so I'll just make a $6 bin for them. Or just make an offer:
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Sharpie on disc
    In the Bedroom - no insert
    Lost Souls - Sticker over UPC
    Unbreakable 2-disc - Scratches, plays fine
    Wishmaster 1 and 2
    Crime in Punishment in Suburbia
    Sexy Beast - Light scratches, plays fine
    Lexus - Three Journeys, Lexus promo DVD

    What the hell, some old CDs too. Some of these have some light scratches but I've never had a problem with any of them. Never really priced a CD before so make an offer if you think any are too high.
    Amber Asylum - Songs of Sex and Death -$6
    Brutal Truth - Goodbye Cruel World 2-disc -$7
    Deicide - Amon : Feasting the Beast -$5
    Dracula 2000 Soundtrack - $3
    Emperor - Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk -$6
    Essential Max Steiner 2-disc $12
    Eyehategod - In the Name of Suffering - $5
    Kataklysm - Epic (The Poetry of War) -$5
    Malevolent Creation - The Fine Art of Murder - $5
    Manowar - Hell on Stage Live 2-disc - $7
    Mazzy Star - So that Tonight I Might See -$4
    Megadeth - Rust in Peace - $6
    Mercyful Fate - 9 -$6
    Neurosis - Enemy of the Sun - $5
    Nile - Amongst the Catacombs of Nepren-Ka -$6
    Richard D. James Album - Aphex Twin - $6
    Snapcase - Progression Through Unlearning - $5
    Steel Prophet - Book of the Dead - $4
    Therion - Deggial - $6
    This is Solid State vol. 1 - $5

    Screeners, only for trade obviously
    The Badge
    Liberty Stands Still
    Miner's Massacre
    The Order - Heath Ledger
    Out of Time - Denzel Washington
    Pete's Meteor - Mike Myers
    Vampire Clan

    Blood Tracks
    The Clown Murders - Early John Candy "Canuxploitation"
    Pink Flamingos 25th Anniversary Edition - Has the movie once by itself and once with John Water's commentary.
    Town That Dreaded Sundown

    Here's the stuff I'm after:


    Arrested Development
    Conquest - Fulci
    Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition
    Educational Archives Limited Lunchbox
    Friends Season 1-8
    Gore from Outer Space
    Killer Nun
    MST3K Episodes I don't own on DVD or possibly VHS
    Munsters - Season 1
    MGM Double Features from this August
    Night Train Murders
    Ren and Stimpy (S1&2)
    Return of the Living Dead II
    That 70's Show Season 1
    Time Bandits - Divimax
    Videodrome - Criterion

    There are some more wants in the dvdaficionado link in my signature. But I'll listen to any offer, if you're interested in anything let me know what you've got to offer.

    Please send any offers to me here:
    [email protected]
    Or post here, either way is fine.
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    I want the "Once Upon A Time In Italy" set!!!

    Do not trade that with anyone else, I call dibbs!!! [​IMG]

    Seriously, I really want this and will gladly trade with you... BUT... Please be as accurate as you possibly can in describing it's condition.

    I am EXTREMELY critical about this factor, so much so that I absolutely refuse to purchase box-sets online because I need to look over the actual product in store and examine for flaws.

    Please let me know if there are even the slightest knicks or dents in the box at all, regardless of how insignificant they may be.

    I am really only interested if this is in 110% PERFECT, mint condition...

    I.E. no bent corners, no shelf-wear, no cuts, scrapes, scrathes or visible surface markings of any sort on the box-cover and clear, pristine, unblemsihed discs.

    Perfect, flawless condition - box art, discs, the works!

    If the box is honestly in perfect condition - It's mine!!!

    I will offer you really great trades for it. I've got the following:

    - Ren & Stimpy: Season 1&2 "Uncensored"

    - Star Wars: Trilogy (WS)

    - LOTR: Fellowship Of The Ring - Extended Edition (4-Disc Set)

    - The Pink Panther Film Collection (6-Disc Set)

    - Day Of The Dead: Divimax (DTS)

    - Piranha: 25th Anniversary Special Edition - Roger Corman Classics

    - Dr. Seuss: Televised Animated Classics (4-Disc Set)

    - Animation Legend: Winsor McCay

    - The Emperor And The Nightingale: Collector's Edition (Winstar)

    Please LMK!

    Thanks, I appreciate it! [​IMG]

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