FT, maybe FS too: Palm III handheld

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  1. Dave Anderson

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    Palm III, 2mb RAM, monochrome display.
    Comes with the pen, a small leather holder, the PALM itself, and a cradle that hooks into the serial port. Palm CD is included, no manual.
    Unit is in EXCELLENT condition. No scratches or anything.
    This runs virtually all of the software available for the Palm. The memory MAY be upgradeable to 8mb if you send it to a 3rd party. To go from 2mb to 8mb is around $80 or so. I'd have to check the firmware revision to confirm whether it can go to 8mb, so let me know if that's important for you. Personally, I found 2mb to be just fine - I put on a nice word processor, a thesaurus, a few games, and a good chunk of contacts, and I still had some free space to play with.
    Here's a picture:
    This one allow for a GPS attachment too, which is nice.
    Anyway, I have one myself and I got this one for my wife, but she never used it, so I'm selling it.
    On ebay it seems to go anywhere from $50 to $70, though most of the auctions end somewhere in the $60-ish range.
    I'd prefer to trade it for some DVDs, or laserdiscs. Looking for any of the Indy of BTTF movies on laserdisc (WS only). Otherwise, I'm open to any DVD trades you can offer.
    Last resort would be selling it. I prefer to trade. Selling price would probably be around $50-$55, with shipping included. But again, I'm looking at trades first.
  2. Chris Rosene

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    I'm interested in trading some DVD's for it. Any interest in the following:

    Bridge over River Kwai (sealed)

    Lawrence of Arabia (sealed)

    What Women Want

    Traffic (sealed)

    Apollo 13 DTS

    Doors Collection, The - Collector's Edition

    Scarface - Collector's Edition

    American Pie - unrated

    The Shining (original release)

    James and the Giant Peach - Special Edition

    Nightmare Before Christmas, The - Special Edition

    Prince of Egypt

    Mask of Zorro (original release)

    Let me know
  3. todbnla

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    Dan, You have a cash offer.[​IMG]

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