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FT: Fearless Vampire Killers WS LaserDisc (1 Viewer)

Aaron Reynolds

Feb 6, 2001
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Aaron Reynolds
I bought the widescreen, uncut LaserDisc of Fearless Vampire Killers when it came out, based on my general like of Polanski's movies and my fondness for creaky horror cliches. Well, I never really "got" it. I watched it twice, put it on the shelf and forgot about it.

I was on eBay trawling for LDs a few days ago and saw that the widescreen Fearless Vampire Killers was going for rather a lot of money, so I've decided to offer up mine for trade to the lovely folks on HTF.

I'm interested in other LaserDiscs, especially Criterions, but I'm sure there's lots of stuff out there that I can't think of right now that I'd trade for, so don't take this list as the be-all and end-all -- if you want the disc and have something interesting to trade, drop me a line.

I am interested in the following on LaserDisc (and would also consider deals with a bit of extra money involved or another disc or two on my end to get some of them):

A Hard Day's Night (Criterion CAV)
Tron box set
Mary Poppins (was there a box set?)
Twin Peaks season 1
The World Is Not Enough (Japanese)
Yellow Submarine (the newer version)
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Criterion)
Big Trouble In Little China widescreen (but not on its own)

I can offer up a few references and pics of the discs upon request.

alan halvorson

Senior HTF Member
Oct 2, 1998
Aaron: For your info, there never was a box set of Mary Poppins (or Swiss Family Robinson or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,, all white jacket Archive Editions). There was, however, an Archive Edition (white jacket), with supplements and, I believe, another release after the Archive - I don't know how this later version differs. For unknown reasons, not all of the supplements from the Archive version made it to the second dvd release, but it's close.

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