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FT: Band of Brothers, Alien(s), ID4, Farenheit 9/11, T3, True Romance: DC + More (1 Viewer)

paul dd

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 4, 2002
Hi there! Thanks for visiting my post. Gold Trader here.

*** please email offers for faster response ***

US trades only please.

All titles are Mint, Widescreen (if available), R1, unless otherwise noted. I expect the same in return.

For Trade:

Alien: 20th Anniv Ed (OOP)
Aliens: DC (OOP)
Apocalypse Now (not Redux)
Austin Powers: TSWSM
Austin Powers: IMOM
Austin Powers: Goldmember
Bad Santa: Unrated
Band Of Brothers, (back case has a minor dent on the top left corner)
Bowling For Columbine
Buffy, The Complete 7th Season (sealed)
Dawson's Creek, The Complete 4th Season (sealed)
Family Guy: Vol 1 (seasons 1 & 2) (sealed)
Farenheit 9/11
The Fisher King
Ghostbusters: CS
Independence Day: 5-Star coll. (sealed)
LA Confidential
Lawrence of Arabia: Superbit, 2-Disc Set (sealed)
Shrek 2
The Simpsons, The Complete 4th Season (sealed)
Spiderman: Deluxe Edition, 3-disc set (sealed)
The Terminator: SE (sealed)
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
True Romance: Unrated DC (2-disc)
Whale Rider

Wants (of varying degrees and are pretty much limited to):

Click Link Removed to see my want list.

Titles that I already acquired
Kill Bill: V2
The Girl Next Door: Unrated
Schindler's List: WS got it
Booty Call: The Bootiest Edition got it
Wild Things: Unrated Version got it
Swimming Pool got it
Futurama: Vol 2 got it
Kill Bill: V1 got it
Love Actually got it
Chappelle Show: S1 got it

titles that i've traded or sold
24: Season 2 gone
Wrong Men And Notorious Women: Hitchcock Criterion Boxset: sealed, OOP gone
Straw Dogs: CC gone
Wonder Woman: The Complete 1st Season gone
OZ: The Complete First Season (HBO) sold
OZ: The Complete Second Season (HBO) sold
21 Grams gone
Something's Gotta Give traded
Trainspotting: Alliance gone
The Man Show: Season 1 Vol.1 3-disc set gone
Die Hard: 5 Star Collection gone
Analyze This gone
Secretary (gylenhaal, spader) gone
Princess Mononoke gone
Reservoir Dogs: SE 2-Disc Set 10th anniv. ed. sealed gone
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days traded
Space Jam: 2-Disc SE gone
Bee Gees: One Night Only: DTS gone
Star Wars: EP2 Attack of the Clones: WS gone
Scarface: CE (OOP) gone
Down By Law: CC traded

paul dd

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 4, 2002
added: Lawrence of Arabia: Superbit, Badder Santa, and Spiderman Deluxe Edition

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