FS: Yamaha KX-300U Cassette Deck (great for transferring your cassettes to digital)

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    Update: This is sold

    Yamaha "Natural Sound" KX-300U RS Stereo Cassette Deck

    Very fine sounding tape deck with lots of available adjustments. Perfect source for transferring your old analog audio cassettes to digital (such as capturing on your PC). If you want the best quality you can get from your tapes, then this cassette deck is the way to go.

    Purchased in 1989 for $315 (a very expensive tape deck at the time). Used lightly, mostly only for first generation recordings of CDs and the occasional radio broadcast. I used another tape deck for playback. Works perfectly and is in excellent shape. In original box with original manual.


    Amorphous Head.
    HX PRO Dynamic Bias Servo.
    Play Trim (variable) - Adjusts high frequency roll off.
    Bias Adjust (variable +/- 20%) - Adjust bias to best match tape.
    Dolby B + C (with or without MPX filter for radio broadcasts).
    Remote control with play, fwd/rev, search, and record functions.
    Auto-detects Type I, Type II, and Type IV tapes.


    Wow and Flutter - WRMS: less than 0.05%, W.Peak: less than +/- 0.08%
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio - Dolby Off: better than 60 db, Dolby B on: better than 68 db, Dolby C on: better than 76 db.

    Only $35
    Buyer pays shipping (~12.5 lbs).


    Update: This is sold
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