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FS: Used Projector - Boxlight 38t - Moving Need To Sell!! (1 Viewer)

Scott Falkler

Second Unit
Oct 23, 2001
For Sale ASAP!
I am moving at the end of May and need money for expenses! (first/last rent, deposit, etc)
Projector model - Boxlight 38t
I paid $3500 for this on EBay in December and have only used it a few times since, mostly for showing off and testing. It was originally bought in August of 2001.
There are only ~120 hours on the bulb out of 2000 (max), and there are no dead pixels.
I have no remote, all functions are controlled on the unit itself.
Very clean unit with low hours on the bulb.
Here's a link to a test at ProjectorCentral.com that has the alternative names of the projector (i.e. Sanyo PLC-XP21N, etc)
Projector Central Test
Here's another link to the unit's specs:
Boxlight 38t Specs
The manual is in .PDF format on a CD for reference or can be downloaded at the Boxlight website.
Price: I REALLY need the money soon and I don't have the time to haggle, so I am setting the price at $2500 SHIPPED and going from there. This is more than HALF retail price!
Email me with reasonable offers, and I will definately consider them!!
Thanks to you all for your help on my HT purchases so far,and maybe this will be a way for me to repay someone with a cheap projector!!
Thanks again,
Scott Falkler
Proud HTF Member
email me @ [email protected]

John Morris

Scott: How much do you want for this projector? Forum rules say you MUST post a price for all items.

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