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FS/Trade dts Audio CDs & DVD-A (1 Viewer)

Jerry Klawiter

Dec 3, 2000
Don't have a SACD & DVD-A player?
You can still enjoy some very good dts multi-channel audio via a standard CD or DVD player as long as you have dts support within your Pre-Pro or Receiver.
I will first look to sell as a single package.

#1. Toy Matinee "Toy Matinee" DVD-Audio
Audio Options: 5.1 MLP for DVD-Audio Players; 5.1 DTS for DTS capable systems; 2.0 PCM for all DVD-Video players.

#2. Dave Grusin "Two For The Road" dts 20 Bit 5.1 Music Disc

#3. Steely Dan "Gaucho" dts 20 Bit 5.1 Music Disc

#4. Traded Sting "Brand New Day" dts 5.1 Music Disc

#5. Sting "Ten Summoner's Tales" dts 5.1 Music Disc Jewel case cover has a crack.

#6. Traded Don Henley "End Of The Innocence" dts/dts-ES 24 Bit 5.1/6.1 Music Disc

#7. Traded Joe Cocker "Night Calls" dts 5.1 Music Disc

#8. Reba McEntire "If You See Him" dts 20 Bit 5.1 Music Disc

#9. Traded Santana "Abraxas" dts 20 Bit 5.1 Music Disc

#10. Traded Sheryl Crow "Globe Sessions" dts/dts-ES 5.1 Music Disc
These are all MINT, just the one cracked jewel cover.
$65. shipped for the remaining lot of 5.
This shipping is within the 48 states.
Other shipping additional.
Have some dts-audio / DVD-A / SACD music to trade?
Email with your offers.
[email protected]
My ebay & Audiogon user name is cyber16 for feedback.
These are some very good recordings, reason for selling is I buy music collections from time to time, these are just a few duplicates,
Thanks for looking ;)

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