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FS Toshiba SD-3109 DVD Player (1 Viewer)

Ron Katcher

Sep 11, 2001
I have upgraded to a progressive-scan DVD player to go along with my Toshiba 50H81. So now for sale is my trusty Toshiba 3109 dual-tray DVD player, with built in Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder. Excellent condition, used and treated lovingly in a smoke-free home. I have all documentation and the remote.

$75.00 plus actual shipping (my zipcode 19063; approximate weight 12 pounds)

Here are the Specs from Toshiba:


Toshiba designed the new SD3109 to be a cornerstone of Audio/Video performance and versatility. An advanced 10 bit 27 MHz high resolution D/A converter delivers superior picture performance. The advanced picture performance of the SD3109 is complemented by a built-in Dolby Digital decoder, DTS capability and Spatializer N-2-2 virtual surround sound.

Optical and Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs

DVD/CD/Video CD Playback

Built-in Dolby® Digital Decoding with 5.1 Channel Outputs

Dual Disc Twin-Tray Transport

HDCD® Decoding and Precision Filtering

Fluorescent Dimmer - 3 Modes

Fluorescent Remote

Remote Confirmation

Energy-Star Compatibility

Colorstream® Component Video Output

10-Bit, 27 mHz Video D/A Converter

24-Bit/96 kHz PCM Audio Compatibility

25 Sector Picture Zoom

Time Search

Coaxial Digital Audio Output

Back to index

Spatializer N-2-2™ Virtual Surround Sound

Dolby Digital® and DTS® Compatible Digital Output

Composite Video Output

S-Video Output

Parental Lock

Video Black Level Expansion

Icon Based On-Screen Displays

Bit-Rate Meter

Dynamic Range Control

Multi-Camera Angle Select

Multi-Language Select

Multi-Subtitle Select

Title Stop

Karaoke Vocal

Widescreen, Letterbox and Normal Picture Set-up

Energy Star Compatible

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