FS: Toshiba Portege 7020 CTE. PII-366mhz with dvd docking station

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    SOLD. Thanks Rich

    I have one of these that I'd like to offer up to fellow HTFers.

    CPU: Intel Pentium-2 , 366 Mhz

    MEMORY: 192MB Max:192MB


    FLOPPY DRIVE: built in to the DVD docking station. 3.5" 1.44meg

    CD/DVD DRIVE: Built in to the DVD docking station

    DISPLAY: 13.3" TFT Active Matrix

    DISPLAY ADAPTER: 265-bit NeoMagic 2200 Multimedia Graphics Controller, 2.5MB Integrated SGRAM Video Memory

    KEYBOARD: Full sized 84 keys with 12 function keys

    POINTING DEVICE: Accupoint

    SOUND: ESS ES1928 and software-enabled Wavetable synthesis sound, Windows Sound System V2.0, DirectSound, Direct3DSound, 16-bit stereo, .WAV and Sound Blaster Pro compatible, MIDI playback, Full duplex sound support

    BATTERY: Li-Ion

    EXPANSION SLOTS: Two PC card slots support two Type II or one Type III PC Cards

    INTERFACES: 2 USB port, 2 Stereo Speakers, 2 Accustic Sound Chambers, ECP paralel port, High speed serial port, PS/2 Mouse port, PS/2 Keyboard port, SVGA video port, Composite video out (NTSC/PAL), Headphone, Microphone, Line-in, Line-out, Manual Volume Control

    MODEM: Internal 56K modem

    OTHER: I/O port adapter with parallel, serial, mouse + keyboard ports

    DVD/Network docking station included. This is normally a $269 accessory that I am including. (note) the Docking station is a portable unit that is powered off the main battery or can be powered using the ac adapter.

    2 ac adapters are included.

    This laptop is in perfect shape and has Windows XP Professional loaded.

    Selling this for $350 FIRM shipped. Paypal is preferred.

    Shipped to the continental US only.
    I will consider shipping to Canada, but you will be responsible for import duties.

    Please don't hesitate to email me with questions.

    I have sold all of my 7220cte's to fellow Home Theater Forum members and can provide you with names and email addresses of those who have received their units and are loving them


    Chuck Frady
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