FS Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD Player

Steve F M

Jul 17, 2003
You are bidding on a slightly used Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD player, in pristine condition, along with some bonus goodies. Read on to find out more about each included item.

HD-A1 HD DVD Player
This is Toshiba's first-generation HD DVD player, retailing for $500. It is capable of playing new HD DVDs in stunning 1080i & 720p (over HDMI and component outputs), as well as upconverting standard DVDs to near-HD quality (over HDMI output ONLY).

The player works perfectly and is in pristine condition. Everything the player came with is included: HD-A1 player, remote, 4 AAA batteries (for remote), power cable, HDMI cable, composite video cable, stereo RCA cable, instruction manuals (English & Spanish), other misc documentation, and original box/packaging.

I purchased the player on May 6th, 2006 from a local Best Buy. The unit was manufactured in March 2006 and came with v1.0 firmware. Unlike some of the early units that had problems with lockups, audio sync problems, etc, I never had a single issue with mine! I am only selling it because I upgraded to the HD-XA1.

I kept up with each of the firmware upgrades (1.2 & 1.4) by downloading the official versions through the player's network connection. I recently did the same for v2.0. When you receive the player, it will have all the latest features, including 5.1 Dolby TrueHD support, improved 720p output, and better performance with Universal's menus.

As a new technology, there are some compatibility issues with certain displays (even those with HDMI inputs). Please ensure your display is compatible (HDCP) before buying. Some displays will result in the dreaded "HDMI error" on the player. You can always use component cables and still get the same amount of quality.

Best Buy 4-year Replacement Plan
When purchasing the player, I bought a four-year replacement plan ($79.99 value) for it. The plan IS TRANSFERABLE, redeemable at any US Best Buy location, and expires on May 6th, 2010. I'll be including the replacement plan form and original cash register receipt, everything you'll need to redeem it.

HD DVD Movie Included!!!
Also included is Jarhead. Its in mint condition with original case and liner. Jarhead is a perfect demo material to impress your friends with!

$425 shipped for everything and how can you go wrong with a 4 year service plan.

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