FS: The Shield S1, The Osbournes S1, DVDs for $10 and 20+ for $7 each shipped!

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    The prices listed include shipping!!!!

    I have been out of work for awhile now so I am selling some of my DVD collection so I can pay off some bills immediately. Right now I am only looking to sell and I am not interested in trading at this time. These DVDs are Region 1, opened and in mint/excellent condition with the original cases and inserts (if they came with any). I take great care of my DVD collection. Once again all prices include shipping (Priority shipping and/or insurance is extra). Insurance is recommended on larger orders. I accept Paypal only. I only ship within the United States. I am a Silver Trader here and a Gold Trader over at DVD Talk. So, if you see anything of interest please let me know.

    Recently added titles are in BOLD!

    Box Sets
    Angel: Season One - $35 SOLD
    Angel: Season Two - $35 SOLD
    Band of Brothers - $55 SOLD
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season One - $22 SOLD
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Two - $35 SOLD
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Three - $35 SOLD
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Four - $35 SOLD
    Osbournes: The First Season (Uncensored Special Edition) [2 discs] - $11 SOLD
    Rocky Box Set (Sylvester Stallone) [5 discs] - $35
    Roots: Special Edition [3 discs] - $35
    The Shield: The Complete First Season - $30 SOLD
    South Park: Season One - $20

    DVDs for $10 & Up
    Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights [2 discs] - $12 SOLD
    Cider House Rules:CE (Tobey Maguire/Charlize Theron) - $10
    Darkness Falls:SE (Emma Caulfield) - $10
    Orange County (Jack Black/Colin Hanks) - $10
    Out of Sight:CE (George Clooney/Jennifer Lopez) - $10
    Road To Perdition [WS] (Tom Hanks/Jude Law/Paul Newman) - $10
    Strangers On A Train (Alfred Hitchcock) - $10
    Swimfan (Erika Christensen/Jesse Bradford) - $10
    The Untouchables (Kevin Costner/Robert De Niro/Sean Connery) - $10

    (Take any 10 of the $7 titles listed below for $65 shipped or take any 20 for $130 shipped)

    (I prefer to sell the $7 titles in multiples of 2 or more at a time)

    MGM Soul Cinema
    Coffy (Pam Grier) - $7
    Five on the Black Hand Side - $7
    Slaughter (Jim Brown) - $7

    $7 DVDs
    Air Force One (Harrison Ford/Gary Oldman) - $7
    Anywhere But Here (Natalie Portman/Susan Sarandon) - $7
    City Hall (Al Pacino/John Cusack/Bridget Fonda) - $7
    Cop Land (Sylvester Stallone/Harvey Keitel/Robert DeNiro) - $7
    Desperate Measures (Michael Keaton/Andy Garcia) - $7
    Devil's Own (Harrison Ford/Brad Pitt) - $7
    Double Jeopardy (Tommy Lee Jones/Ashley Judd) - $7
    Drive Me Crazy (Melissa Joan Hart) - $7
    End of Days: CE (Arnold Schwarzenegger) - $7
    Escape From New York (Kurt Russell) - $7
    G. I. Jane (Demi Moore) - $7
    The Glass House (Leelee Sobieski/Diane Lane) - $7
    The Gift (Cate Blanchett/Keanu Reeves) - $7
    Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (Tracy/Hepburn/Poitier) - $7
    Hush (Jessica Lange/G. Paltrow) - $7
    A League of Their Own (Geena Davis/Tom Hanks/Madonna) - $7
    Lost in Space (Gary Oldman/William Hurt/Mimi Rogers) - $7
    Nothing to Lose (Martin Lawrence/Tim Robbins) - $7
    Pump Up The Volume (Christian Slater) - $7
    Quiz Show (Ralph Fiennes/John Turturro) - $7
    Somewhere In Time [OOP/non-SE] (Christopher Reeve/Jane Seymour) - $7
    Stepmom (Julia Roberts/Susan Sarandon) - $7
    They Call Me Mister Tibbs! (Sidney Poitier/Martin Landau) - $7
    What's the Worst That Could Happen?: SE (Martin Lawrence/Danny Devito) - $7

    I also have the following Graphic Novels/Collections for sale!

    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - $10

    Green Arrow: Quiver [Hardcover] - $13 SOLD

    DC Archive Edition World's Finest Comics: Volume One (Hardcover/Signed by Dick Sprang with Certificate of Aunthenticity) - $50 TRADED

    Preacher: Books 1 - 9 - $10 a piece or $85 for all 9
  2. Joseph Tidline

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    Feb 16, 2003
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    It kills me to do this but I have added the following boxsets for sale:

    Angel: Season One
    Angel: Season Two
    Band of Brothers (lower price)
    South Park: Season One

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