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FS: TC Sounds HE15 with 2 PRs... new! (1 Viewer)

Chris Hoppe

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 5, 2000
This is same driver that is sold as the Stryke HE and the Eclipse Ti, except this has a plain black cone rather than an aluminum surfaced one. It is a dual 4 ohm model. (run it as 2 or 8 ohms, or one amp channel to each coil at 4 ohms)
The PR's are the TC Sounds HE models as well, and they cosmetically match the driver. They are provided with a generous supply of steel weighting washers for tuning the resonance of the system.
All pieces are brand new, never been used or mounted. I only opened the box to take their picture!
Here are the pictures...




Price is $550 for all three pieces. I would prefer to sell them as a set, but email me if you are interested in only the driver or PRs.
Also, and this is important... This driver and PR benefit greatly from a subsonic filter! I will sell you a "Phlood Philter" for a special price of $40 with this deal. This filter is designed specifically for this application. I have an unfinished website that describes the filter here...
I'll be happy to work with you on the design of the box, and I will set the bass boost and cutoff frequency of the filter for you before I ship it.
An extra nicety... the driver comes with a birth sheet with it's T/S parameters as measures in LMS! This will make your simulations more precise. Here are the parameters if you would like to do some sims...
Re = 6.2
Fs = 29.1
Zo (Zmax @ Fs) = 76.3 Ohms
Sd = 0.072 SqM
BL = 24.4
SPL @ 1W = 88.7
Qms = 5.23
Qes = 0.46
Qts = .43
Vas = 90.7 L
Cms = 123.2 uM/N
Mms = 242.9 g
Mmd = 231.8 g
You can contact me at [email protected]
Thanks for looking!

Chris Hoppe

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 5, 2000
Sorry for the bump... I'll give it one more try before it sinks to the bottom...
C'mon people! This is a good $200 cheaper than buying the same items from Stryke! (and hundreds cheaper than getting an Eclipse Ti!)

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