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FS: TAW Rock Plus w/ SDI (1 Viewer)

Joe Hays

May 25, 2002
Price is now $3,399 or Best offer (The list price is $5,199 for the TAW and $800 for the SDI option). I justed dropped the price $400, I need to pay for my HTPC!!

I bought it just three months ago but need to sell it (it has been sitting in the box ever since I bought it). The unit is new with full warranty. I got a great deal on it and I think this price is below dealer cost. I decided to go the HTPC way instead.

For those of you not familiar with The Rock, here is some info from their site:
The ROCK is the first universal scaler capable of infinite output vertical refreshes and infinite output scan rates

It is the first video processor that:
*is 100% software based and not limited by any hardware chip set.
*is PCI based and is upgraded via the Internet with firmware downloads. The first processor with expandable hardware features such as add on inputs and improved CPU speed.
*has "Judder Terminator" TM , eliminating Judder on all vertical refresh rates from 50 to 150 Hz.
*with selectable algorithms allowing an optimum artifact free output based on input source.
*represents the one and only future proof video processor in existence today.

The ROCK solves many problems found in today's video applications including: Aspect ratio controls with dozens of input and output aspects available plus an auto detect input ratio control.

User can set custom screen sizes and custom input aspects.

One button anamorphic button that toggles between 16:9 16:9 anamorphic an 4:3. 4:3 to 16:9 conversion that keeps the center of the 4:3 zoom mode support for filling a 16:9 display.

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