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FS Tara Labs Prism series wiring - great way to wire new HT cheaply (1 Viewer)

Scott Oliver

Aug 30, 2000
I first purchased a full blown HT system about 5 or 6 years ago and at one point had 5 speakers three subwoofers, a HT processor, one three channel amp, one five channel amp, Cd transport, and a DVD player.

I think I spent about $1000 purchasing all the various lengths of wire needed to hook this system up. Well since then I have downsized to a simpler 2 channel audiophile system and for about 2 or 3 years have had a box filled with all my now unused wiring.

It is all made by Tara Labs.
I have Prism 22 interconnects as pairs ranging in size from 1-3M. Then, I have some Omni speaker cables with 1/4" spades on most ends a few I had switched to Nordost Z-plugs because a sub wouldn't accept spades. I have three 10' runs, a pair of 15' and a pair of 25'. Lastly I have a Prism D-2 2M digital cable.

Let me know if you are interested. I am positive I probably have more then enough wire to connect almost all HT systems on the audio side of things.

When purchased new the Prism 22 cost $42/m per pair the Prism D2 cost $61/m and the Omni is like $2 ft with each connector costing $20. I am not trying to sell this stuff at anywhere near that price, let's say $13/m for Prism 22's, $40 for the Prism D2, and $15 per length of speaker cable with the longer lengths only sold as pairs. All of it is in goodshape with nothing more than scuffing marks here or there on the jackets. Email me with a phone # and let's talk about your needs if interested.

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