FS/T: Wonder Woman:S1,Futurama 1-3, OZ: S1-2, Beavis & Butthead, Straw Dogs:CC,+MORE

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    Hi there! Thanks for visiting my post.

    +19 on the GTL.

    I need 1 more positive to be a GOLD trader. Help me out!

    Email me for offers or questions.

    US trades only please.

    All titles are Mint, Widescreen (if available), R1, unless otherwise noted. I expect the same in return. I accept credit cards thru paypal. Paypal payments will be shipped to confirmed address only.

    Shipping is $1.50 for 1st disc and $.50 for each add'l disc.

    Prices are negotiable.

    For Trade or Sale:

    Wonder Woman: The Complete 1st Season $25
    Futurama: V1 $23
    Futurama: V2 $25 (minor scratches on disc 1, rest is mint)
    Futurama: V3 $29 (sealed)
    OZ: The Complete First Season (HBO) $23
    OZ: The Complete Second Season (HBO $24
    Straw Dogs: CC sealed, OOP $28
    The complete Time-Life Beavis and Butthead 6-DVD set. $50 (First 3 are mint, last 3 are sealed) details
    Fargo (MGM, OOP) light scuffs & fingerprints on disc, plays fine $5
    Dr T. & The Women $5 (Live Tyler, Tara Reid, Kate Hudson)
    Goodfellas (light scuffs, plays fine) $5
    Basketball Diaries (DiCaprio, Walberg) $7
    Ladies Man (Tiffany Thiesen, Tim Meadows) $7
    LOTR: FOTR (WS) mint $7
    LOTR: TTT (WS) previous rental $6

    Higher Wants: (of varying degrees)
    OZ: Season 3
    Ed Wood: SE (recalled)
    City of God

    Low Wants (of varying degrees):
    50 First Dates: WS
    In Living Color: Season 1
    LOTR: ROTK WS 2-disc
    American Wedding: Extended Party Ed.: WS
    Under A Tuscan Sun: WS
    American Beauty: AE
    Girl with a Pearl Earring
    Nip/Tuck: Season 1
    Reno 911: S1

    Titles that I already acquired
    24: S2 got it
    Schindler's List: WS got it
    Booty Call: The Bootiest Edition got it
    Wild Things: Unrated Version got it
    Swimming Pool got it
    Futurama: Vol 2 got it
    Kill Bill: V1 got it
    Love Actually got it
    Chappelle Show: S1 got it

    titles that i've traded or sold
    21 Grams $9 gone
    Something's Gotta Give traded
    Trainspotting: Alliance gone
    The Man Show: Season 1 Vol.1 3-disc set gone
    Die Hard: 5 Star Collection gone
    Analyze This gone
    Secretary (gylenhaal, spader) gone
    Princess Mononoke gone
    Reservoir Dogs: SE 2-Disc Set 10th anniv. ed. sealed gone
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days traded
    Space Jam: 2-Disc SE gone
    Bee Gees: One Night Only: DTS gone
    Star Wars: EP2 Attack of the Clones: WS gone
    Scarface: CE (OOP) gone
    Down By Law: CC traded
  2. paul dd

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    Jan 4, 2002
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