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FS: SVS CS 16-46 Subwoofer (1 Viewer)

Mar 19, 2002
I won this SVS
subwoofer as a door prize at a local event, it was on
display when i won it, reboxed at the end of the night and
I have never taken it out of the box since.

It's an older model (I think before the new speaker drivers
were released, but don't quote me), and is technically B-
stock (something about a discolored spot on the fabric
which I've never been able to find)- but it's "brand new"
in the box.

It's just too big for me to use at my place- so my loss is
your gain. I think they sell new for around $430 + ship
and the woofer upgrade is $89 ($129 minus the $40 credit
for the old one, or you can sell it here for $40-50) - so
I figured that $300 plus shipping (figure $315 shipped
UPS insured anywhere in the USA)
would be fair for
a "brand new" unit.

Remember this isn't one of those powered woofers- you will
need an amplifier to make it work (another reason I've
never used it).

I would entertain a trade/cash offer for a used CS 25-31
subwoofer (the smaller one I might be able to use at my
place). I'd take a CS 25-31 and $40.

I also would trades of 80 gig or better ATA hard drives
(namely Seagate Barracuda 80/120gig or WD 120gig drives)
toward the purchase of the sub.

email me:
[email protected]

Mar 19, 2002
Got both, working on emailing back.

Funny, Hotmail treated Frank's message as junkmail, even
though he's on hotmail too! Silly.

Frank Carter

Mar 12, 2002
Hey Nate,

I just checked my email and I don't have anything from you. I even checked my junk mail:D.
Mar 19, 2002
Coming I'm sure. I always have slow response from hotmail-
give it 10 minutes or so.

I will give priority in order that I get the initial
emails, so Joey has first dibs, followed by Frank,
followed by a couple others who emailed.

For those of you offering drives, the deal is I offer $110
credit for the WD 1200BB, $120 for the WD 1200JB and $125
for the Seagate 120 gig drive.

I have replied to all offers, so I will see if I can work
something out with joey and then move on to Frank's offer,
etc. Thanks guys- hopefully we can have something
finalized by the end of the day!



Feb 9, 2003
True, Hotmail is slow today. Sent mail to you via Hotmail (supposed to be instantaneous between Hotmail accounts, gotta love microsoft).

Will wait awhile to check Nate :D
Mar 19, 2002
Looks like Frank wasn't really interested, and Joey is
still deciding- I have 2 other offers that are a bit lower
than I'd want to go... so bottom line is this unit is
still available and I've cut the price.

Email me!
Mar 19, 2002
I think I might have been unclear on my post above in
regard to trades. I am looking for Hard Drives and will
happily credit anyone with the FULL NEW PRICE of these
drives TOWARD the asking price of the sub. I am not,
however, looking to trade the $300 sub for a $80 hard

I want to stress that I'm happy to offer full BRAND NEW
cash value for used trade items. I'm offering a Brand New
SVS sub in the box for more than 25% off the new price, a
price on par with what these subs have sold for USED, and
willing to give 100% new value for used trade items-- I
think this is extremely fair. No one seems to want to pay
anything close to new price for the sub, but then seem
insulted when all I want to offer for their used trade
items is 100% of the new value (instead of 150% or 200%)!

Hope that clears things up. Email me or Private Message
Me, would like to close a deal tonight.

Sorry if I was unclear.

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