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FS: SVS 25-31 PCi - Brand New - Houston, Tx Area (1 Viewer)

Oscar W

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Jun 5, 2000
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SVS accidently shipped two of them to me. Darn the luck. They advised to refuse delivery on the second one, or I could buy it with free shipping. Darn the good bookkeepers! I don't have a need for a second sub and figured I'd try to sell this one for them. The sub will arrive at my house on Monday Aug 28th. Tracking number can be provided. It will be brand spanking new, still in the box/crate. I'm located in Magnolia, actually I'm just northwest of The Woodlands but they call it Magnolia.

$549 firm cash or paypal or might be a way to call and make payment directly to SVS. We can check on that route if you want to go that way. I know I'm not well known around here, more of a lurker. I do have a 92 100% positive eBay rating, went to the same high school as Parker, and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, if any of that helps. lol Price not negotiable cause that is what I'm going to have to pay SVS. Will not ship either. Willing to meet in N Houston to drop off, if it fits in my car.

Save some money on shipping cost and no waiting time. Well you'll still have to at least wait till Monday. No takers and/or payment by delivery on Monday, I will refuse delivery and have it sent back to SVS. If your outside Houston and are interested I can hold it till you can pick it up. But I have to have payment before delivery. I'm not gonna stick my neck out on someone that may back out and leave me hanging. ;)

EDIT: I'm an idiot. The first sub arrives here on Friday the 25th. I can sell that one Sat or Sun and I'll hang onto the Monday delivered sub. This way you can get the sub at the same time as payment.

Oscar Williams
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