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    Had been opened for inspection, but not used... Item is brand new... Ready to ship....

    3600 shipped...

    Email: darth23@optonline.net

    Basic Description

    7.1 channel 200W x 7 Digital Surround Receiver with DD EX, DTS ES, DPL IIx, DTS Neo:6, Side Axis Holographic Imaging (9.1 w/ amp), Party Mode, Source Direct two channel bypass, Auto Signal Sensing input and power on, Two Zone Control w/ two channel rerouting for 5.1 + two channel second zone, digital downmix capability for digital to analog recording or Zone 2 output, 24-bit and 192kHz A/D conversion, video upconversion, Six A/V inputs w/ composite and S-video, Two audio tape inputs and outputs, three component inputs and two components outputs, four optical digital inputs, six coaxial digital inputs, phono input, and built-in AM/FM tuner, optical and coaxial digital outputs, RS-232 control, IR ins and outs, 12V triggers, eight channel input, 10 channel preamplifier outputs (including three subwoofer outs), one fixed stereo output, LCD Learning/Universal Remote Control with hard buttons, Flash Memory upgradeable, Panel Dim (four levels including off), Treble and Bass Tone Controls, black or silver finish. Two year warranty. 17” W x 5.75” H x 16.5” D, 32 pounds.
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    Drool.... major drool......

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