FS: **SPECIAL** on 'LOADED' P3 500MHz DVD Laptop! Also Harman Kardon 5 DVD Changer!

Mike Kao

Second Unit
Oct 31, 2000
I have the following items for sale!:
Harman Kardon DVD5 5 disc DVD changer/Player
Had this for about a month. It's a beautiful looking unit full of feautures! Advanced MPEG decoding, audiophile-grade 96/24 AKM Output DAC, high res video DAC, component video (Y/PR/PB), and 5-DVD carousel changer that plays music CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs! For more specs you can visit Harman Kardon's site!
Retails for $549, asking for $219 + shipping!
I also have a pair of 150 watt Sony SS-MF315 3-way Floorstanding Tower Speakers! Only a little over two months old.
Asking $98 for the pair, pickup in Northern Jersey (Mahwah) ONLY!
And now onto the special!:
Here's the perfect solution for a nice cheap HTPC laptop!
Winbook XL2
Mobile Intel P3 500MHz
6.4GB hard drive
beautiful 14.1" TFT screen
4MB SGRAM ATI 3-D RagePro AGP 2X video
Toshiba DVD-ROM
56K v.90 modem
High Capacity Lithium ion Smart battery
- I'll throw in the Staples Leather Attache case/laptop bag as well!
* The thing is in great shape (perfect working condition & no dead pixels), except I'm having problems with the keypad. It either needs to be replaced or I might need a tiny replacement part for the keypad connector (not sure). You can always use an external keyboard or even one of those portable foldable one's, so it shouldn't be a problem. Other than that, it's an awesome laptop. DVD's look amazing on this thing (tried PowerDVD and WinDVD, and both play DVD's beautifully and extremely smooth!). It has S-Video & Composite out (You can plug it into your TV!), SVGA out (for external monitor) usb port, stereo line-in, line-out, mic-out, 2 PCMCIA slots & even a 120MB superdrive!... it's also easily upgradeable! It has an easy access pull-out hard drive & DVD-ROM tray & easy access to the RAM & processor.
Priced over $3000 from winbook in 99', asking for ONLY $575 + shipping!
The only items I'm looking for in trade right now are the following:
- DPLII A/V receiver
- X10 home automation appliance modules
- x10 video cameras or something similar
- Quality Component, subwoofer, SPDIF cables
- Amp that is at least 100 watts total to power my Aura bass shakers
- Paradigm cinema or Def Tech Procinema Speakers
Twelve Monkeys
Avia disc
If you're interested in anything please leave a post and e-mail me!

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