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FS: Sony DVP-CX875P Progressive 300+1 DVD/CD Changer (1 Viewer)


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Nov 6, 2002

If you found a new unit and not a b-stock or refub for less, I would certainly like to know. You can PM the link. They are selling on Ebay for $400-430 from dealers that may not be authorized. I did revise the price to reflect what I have if for on Audiogon. Instead typing a redundant description I have refernenced my ad at what I believe to be a reasonalbe price for a nearly new product with a full warranty. The unit was purchased from a Authorized Sony dealer and I will provide the receipt with the sale. Many of the internet dealers cannot provide a warranty as you well know.

As far as the member issue is considered....I don't understand what you are talking about? I have been an established member here in this community and avsforum.com since November of 2002. I have posted numerous times here. If you look at my previous posts you will see that I am active member and recently is first time I posted something for sale just to get the word out. My ID on avsforum is also Terry.P and my Ebay ID is "Tlp-123" and audiogon is "tlp123" if you would like to challenge my credibility and feedback. I would rather pass some savings on here than sell it for more on Ebay just to cover the listing fees.

Steve, I did notice that you have been here for year and posted 27 times. I have been here for about 7 months and posted 72 times. Go figure?


Terry Perkins
May 20, 2002
My Bad.

I was having a bad day and I took it out on you. If I new how to make it up to you I would.

By the way, my post is deleted but your comments stand, I guess that is my punishment...

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