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FS: Sony DE995 rcvr, JBL 5.1 speakers (1 Viewer)


Sep 28, 2008
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Excellent condition 7.1-channel capable system, 5.1 channel as supplied. Original owner, non-smoking environment. Includes the original boxes, packaging and manuals. I’ve used this system to provide audio and switching for DVD, VCR, satellite TV box, and video camera. I’m not a consumer electronics guru nor an audiophile, but I do a good job of research to buy good quality equipment, and this setup has served me very well. Purchased in 2003, the system has worked flawlessly to this day. Selling this gear to feed the lawyers, and they just won’t accept quality home theater electronics in lieu of services rendered.

  1. A/V Receiver – Sony STR DE-995 7.1 Surround Sound Receiver (995/B - black)
  2. Speakers – JBL Northridge Series (all black)
    • Four (4) N24II bookshelf speakers (two pairs) for front and rear or side
    • N-CenterII center speaker
    • PowerBase PB10 powered sub-woofer
  3. Sony RM AV-3000 Universal Remote Control with programmable LCD screen
  4. Enough cabling (Monster cables) to choke a horse

Asking $700, PayPal strongly preferred, but I will also accept USPS money orders, certified bank check from well-known institution, or cash if a local pickup. Local pickup (I’ll deliver within 100 miles of Charlottesville, VA), or else buyer pays shipping, their choice, from among USPS, UPS, or FedEx.


Sony’s marketing ad - “Sony's STR-DE995/B Receiver will add astounding sound to your entertainment. With a 7 Channel Power Rating, this receiver boasts features like Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, dts, dts ES, dts: Neo6, Dolby Pro Logic II Decoding, S-Video Up-Conversion from Composite Video, 2 Component Video Inputs: HD Pass (80 MHz), Multi-Room Audio Output with Independent Source Selection, an LCD Preprogrammed - Learning - Macro Remote Control, Front S-Video/Composite A/V and Optical Input, and an On Screen Display. Additional features include 32-bit DSP with 13 acoustic environments, a Digital Cinema Sound System with Cinema Studio EX modes, and 30 Station Presets.”

7.1 Channels / Power 100 Watt @ 8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, THD: 0.09% / Surround Sound: Dolby Digital® • DTS® • DTS ES® • Dolby Pro Logic II / DSP Processor 32 bit

Rear Input - (1) Digital Coax, (3) Digital Optical, (4) Composite (Video), (3) S-Video, (2) Component / Rear Output - (1) Digital Optical, (2) Composite (Video), (1) S-Video, (1) Component / Front - (1) Composite, (1) Couple RCA Jack, (1) Headphones, (1) Optical, (1) S-Video

Dimensions: 16.94 in. (W) - 15.13 in. (D) - 6.25 in. (H) / 21 lbs.

JBL Northridge Series – N24II Front/Side/Read Bookshelf Speakers

2-way passive bookshelf left / right channel speakers, black plastic enclosure, black fabric detachable grille, magnetically shielded.
Max (RMS) Output Power: 100 Watt.
Frequency Response: 75 - 20000 Hz.
Input Impedance: 8 Ohm.
Sensitivity: 86 dB.
Crossover Frequency: 3000Hz.
Drivers: 1 x tweeter driver - 0.75" – titanium, 1 x mid/woofer driver - 4" - PolyPlas.
Dimensions: 6.3 in (W) x 4.8 in (D) x 9.5 in (H) / 4.6 lbs.

JBL N-CenterII Center Speaker

2-way passive center channel speaker, black plastic enclosure, black fabric detachable grille, magnetically shielded.
Max (RMS) Output Power: 150 Watt.
-3dB Frequency Response: 80 - 20000 Hz.
Input Impedance: 8 Ohm.
Sensitivity: 90 dB.
Crossover Frequency: 3500Hz.
Driver Details: 1 x Tweeter driver - 0.75” - Titanium silver, 2 x Mid/woofer driver – 5” PolyPlas.
Connector Type: 1 x Speakers input (Banana/spade x 2).
Dimensions: 20.5 in (W) x 8.5 in (D) x 6.5 in (H) / 10.1 lbs.

JBL PowerBase Series PB10 Powered Sub-woofer

Active Subwoofer, black enclosure.
Nominal (RMS) Output Power 150 Watt .
Response Bandwidth 27-150 Hz.
Crossover Frequency 50-150 Hz.
Integrated audio amplifier.
Controls: Subwoofer phase, Input selector, Subwoofer cut frequency, Volume
Gold-plated connectors.
Driver Details: Subwoofer : 1 x Subwoofer driver - 10 in.
Connector Type: 2 x Speakers input (Banana/spade x 2), 2 x Speakers output (Banana/spade x 2), 1 x Audio line-in (RCA phono x 2).
Integrated 160W power supply.
Dimensions: 14 in (W) x 15 in (D) x 16 in (H) / 35.1 lbs.

Sony RM AV-3000 Universal Remote Control with Programmable LCD Screen

Universal remote control with LCD touch screen and keypad control of many types of devices. Monochrome display (black on light blue). Connectivity: Infrared, use up to 33 ft away. Control up to 18 devices, of types: Home control, DVR, Satellite TV system, TV, Cable box, Radio, CD player, LD player, Amplifier, Cassette deck, DAT deck, VCR, MD recorder, DVD player. Buttons: Virtual buttons on backlighted LCD touch screen (up to 40), Keypad (27 buttons). Multi-brand compatibility, Learning, Programmable, On/off timer, Macro function (“turn on TV, DVD player, wait 2 seconds, switch TV input to Component 1, start DVD”). Requires 4 “AA” batteries.

Enough (Monster) Cables to Choke a Horse

Monster XP Compact Precision Standard High Resolution Speaker Cable (2 @ 10’, 1 @ 12’, 1 @ 40’, 1 @ 28’). Component cable (12’), Video composite cable (RCA connector, 1.5’), Audio composite cable (RCA connector, 6’), S-Video cable (6’), white coaxial cable (~50’), RCA connector cable for sub-woofer (12’).

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