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FS: Sony 9000ES DVD Player (1 Viewer)

Chris Rein

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Apr 18, 2000
I thought I'd never see the day where I had to sell this great piece of HT gear. The time has come.

This player has been kept in EXCELLENT condition. I don't smoke, don't have pets and most important...don't have kids.

Asking $800 without shipping.


This player is Sony's Reference DVD & SACD Player with 96k digital/audio output, DTS with selectible progressive output etc.

Includes original box, manual, dvd player, remote control, Men In Black Special Edition (the original one), SACD Sampler Disc and about 4 years left on the warranty (fully transferable).

Video 480P Output with Precision Cinema Detection

Separate 480P algorithms for video and film- originated DVDs
Full 3-2 reverse conversion for film Motion Adaptive Field Noise Reduction 1 AC Travel Adapter (100-240V) High precision video equalizer Graphical gamma adjustment Video Clock and Video Data TBC 12 bit 54 MHz progressive scan video D/A converter

Optimized video filters and High-speed video buffers VC 24 Plus digital filter Precision Drive FX Mechanism with Dynamic Focus pickup and Tilt mechanism High-speed, high-precision servo DSP

Convenience Custom Memory/Playback Memory Copper-plated panels with Frame and Beam chassis BMC mechanical deck insulators Aluminum Front Panel Custom parental control DVD, SACD and CD Text display

Audio Two audio master clocks Separate audio circuit board 1 Serial Cradle Direct Stream Digital 1-bit coding 1 USB Cradle Accurate Complementary Pulse Density Modulation (ACP) system for SACD playback 1 USB HostSync® cradle

Due to weight shipping is $45 for UPS Ground (excluding alaska/Hawaii non-usa)faster is available.

Paypal Gladly Accepted!

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