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FS: Sherwood P-965 Pre/Pro (1 Viewer)


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Dec 2, 2001

I have for sale a Sherwood P-965 Pre/Pro in like new condition. The unit has a silver face-plate with the rest of the unit being black. It will come with all accessories including remotes, set-up mic, antenna, manual and orginal box. This pre-amp was purchased approximately 4 months ago and has been used only a few times. It was purchased from an authorized dealer and the receipt of purchase will be enclosed.

This pre-amp has been highly regarded as audiophile quality at a great price. It has all of the bells and whistles of the more expensive Home Theater processors at a fraction of the price. It provides excellent performance in both 2-channel and Home Theater applications.


DTS-ES Discrete and Matrix
DTS-96/24; DTS NEO-6
Dolby Digital EX
Dolby Pro Logic IIx fully adjustable
Dolby Virtual Speaker
Dolby Headphone Layers 1, 2, 3
Digitally Re-Masters PCM to 192 /24
192 kHz 24-bit DAC’s for all channels
Pure Analog Mode; Pure Digital Mode
Selectable Bass Crossover frequencies
Upgradeable operating system
Universal Video upconverts composite and S-Video to Component Video
5 Optical and 2 Coaxial Digital Inputs
Optical Digital Output
A/V Synch Delay
Automatic Speaker Set-up
On Screen Display (from all video outputs)
RNC-500 Remote Control
Programmable Video Input Labeling
24-Bit CS-49400 Crystal Processor
12 DSP Modes
7.1 channel direct input with bass management
Sampling Frequency Display
Room 2 A/V Output with fixed/variable audio level, S-Video and coaxial digital
IR control with 2 inputs and 1 output
Dedicated Room 2 Remote
2 Video Record Out Selectors
Two 12-Volt Triggers, one is user assignable
3 Component Video Inputs switched by relays for unlimited bandwidth
5 Rear Panel Audio/Video Inputs
6 Audio Inputs with Phono
Front Panel A/V Input
Cinema EQ
Tone Defeat
Channel Level Memory
Advanced 4-gang FM tuner
30 Station Presets
Digi-Link III
Sleep Timer
Aluminum Front Panel
For more information on this wonderful processor please see the newcastle website:


Shipping will be $30 w/ insurance to anywhere in the US. I will accept money orders and cashier's checks. Pickup is available for those close by.

I have excellent feedback from ebay.

Price = $950 or best offer + shipping


Stunt Coordinator
Dec 2, 2001

I am selling all of my Home Theater Stuff. The money would be better right now (just had our second child) and we need the room in our living room.


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