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Apr 14, 2004
The Sanyo PLC-XT16 multimedia projector is at the head of its class. Providing outstanding brightness of 3500 ANSI lumens with true XGA (1024 x 768) resolution that makes your presentations rich and lifelike images.

Additional features such as Digital Keystone Correction, power driven lens shift and Micro Lens Array that increases overall light efficiency.

Key Features

• High Brightness
The high-performance 250-watt UHP lamp light source is enhanced by the built-in microlenses of the 1.0-inch XGA polysilicon liquid crystal panels to achieve an on-screen brightness level of 3500 ANSI lumens. This outstanding brightness makes this projector ideal for large meeting rooms, conference halls or classrooms.
• High Contrast Optical System
Polarized scatting is corrected as the light passes through the panels, providing high-contrast on-screen color reproduction with solid black. A contrast ratio of 800:1 ensures that this projector offers more natural image reproduction with finer gradation.
• Progressive Scan IC
Creates beautiful moving images, with its developed progressive scan IC that enhances image quality. Also, the use of an original circuit for cross-color separation gives moving images a more natural and beautiful diagonal resolution.
Full compatibility with 2-3 pull-down also assures superb quality when projecting film sources.
• Power Driven Lens Shift for Stress Free Setup
You can move the projected image up and down on the screen without physically moving the projector thanks to the power-driven lens shift. This makes it easy to center the image on screen ready for your presentation.
Shift ratio is adjustable from 10:0 to 1:1.
• Keystone Correction
In addition to up/down keystone correction (maximum +40/-20 degrees), left/right keystone correction (maximum +/-10 degrees) is possible. This enables to project correct looking images even if the projector is not directly in front of the screen.
• Whisper Quiet Fan
The Whisper Quiet fan system produces an amazingly low noise level of only 31 dBA (Eco mode).
• Optical & Digital Zoom for Simpler Setup
In addition to the 1.3x power-driven zoom focus, this projector features digital zoom functions that magnify a section of the screen image by up to 49 times. You can also compress the screen image down to a maximum of 1/4 its original size to accommodate your setup parameters.
• Rotary, One Touch Lens Exchange System
Simply mount the optional lens and screw the adapter in place. That's all it takes to exchange a lens. You don't have to disassemble the cabinet or even remove a screw. When it's this easy to mount a short-focus or long-focus lens, it's easier to deliver a presentation anywhere, from large halls to small meeting rooms.
• Versatile Connections
Equipped with a DVI-I terminal that makes it easy to project high-quality images from a PC. For even more versatile PC connection, also has a USB port, together with a control port. Equipped with component input and can directly accept DVD and high-definition signals, plus a PC monitor out terminal that lets you send images to a second projector.
• Network Connectivity
An optional PJ-Net Organizer (POA-PN10) allows for control and administration of a projector via a network. Projector status can be checked and projector functions can be controlled through a web browser.
An alarm and notification can be automatically sent via E-mail whenever the projector encounters a problem.
• Optional Wireless Imager (POA-WL11)
Allows for the direct capture, compression, and transfer of any software program data, including animated PowerPoint presentations, from a PC to the projector through a wireless LAN module.
• Optional Media Card Imager Kit
An optional (POA-MD07MCI) Media Card Imager kit with a detachable Presentation Viewer allows for the storage and playback of a JPEG file slideshow without the need for a PC to be attached.

Retail prices range from $3595-3995 new from many online retailers. This is your chance to get yourself an excellent projector for a bargain!

We have used this less than 100 hours and the bulb is listed as being good for 2000 hours.

I would like to get $2300 shipped anywhere in the USA.


Apr 14, 2004
You mean no one is interested in this? I have pics of the unit if anyone is interested! Going to eBay tomorrow night if I get no response.

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