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FS: Samsung LN-T4065F 40" LCD HDTV 1080P Flat Panel *MINT* + 5YR Warrenty (1 Viewer)

Apr 24, 2004
For sale:: Samsung LN-T4065F 40" LCD HDTV 1080P Flat Panel *MINT* + 5YR Warrenty.

Asking $860 (+ s/h) that includes 5 Year Warrenty at Fry's Electronics.
Paid $1200 + $160 for 5 year warrenty in Dec of 2007 [$1,600 is the original price for this panel]. Warrenty lasts until 2012!! TV is in MINT condition I have full receipt, box, manuals, Remote control, everything you need. Only problem I see is one of the screws that hold the base doesn't screw in well out of the 4 screws that go in, but I've had it on a wall mount and now on the standard base on the floor right now because I moved and it does not effect anything.

This tv is VERY good, excellent for movies and gaming. Great picture and brightness levels. I have to sell because I'm getting behind on bills - hate to part with my panel but it's for sale!

Ideal to sell somebody that's located near San diego, CA is where I am.

Also Have the Wall Mount for sale. Universal Premier LCD Plasma Display Flat Panel wall mount kit that fits most 37" - 61" flat panels. Bought it at frys Electronics for $200 in 2007. Price: $140 + s/h

Please send all emails to [email protected] for fastest response if interested.

email me for pictures if needed. They are too large to upload.

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