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FS: Samsung HD-931 DVI + Faroudja (1 Viewer)

Sergio F

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 25, 2003

I have a Samsung HD-931 720P/1080i upconverting dvd player in excellent condition for sale or for trade towards an SVS sub (20-39 cylinder series or box sub prefered). This player uses the Faroudja processor and comes with a DVI cable. Please note that the DVI input on your display device needs to be HDCP compliant.

PRICE REDUCED: $170 + shipping (original MSRP $299).

Sergio F

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 25, 2003
OK, This is the last price drop before it goes on E-Bay.

Was asking $170 + shipping. Now dropped to $165 shipped.

Here is some information from Samsung on this unit. I did not write this stuff so I apologize in advance for the pseudo-English grammar but I think you will get the point.

The best deserve to use the best. Samsung is proud to present the DVD-HD931 with the best
performance ever. This prestigious unit is only for those who pursue the ultimate in digital

Slim Design (55mm):
With high-class, simple and slim design that is 55mm in height, it is exquisitely designed to blend with any interior decoration.

Half Mirror Design:
With a mixture of simple silver and half mirror colors, it crafts the complete image of perfection.

Samsung DVD-HD931 operates based on digital processing. In order to display a high-quality picture, it performs video processing, including Video Format Conversion using FLI2310 chip by Faroudja Lab. technology, Samsung’s DNIe Chip, and DVI technology that supports Digital Image Perfection.

Video Format Converter
A normal DVD player transmits a video signal to 480i output when playing a DVD Title (480i/480p). Even with a progressive scanning DVD player, it simply outputs a video signal of 480i-to-480p. However, Samsung DVDHD931 enables you to enjoy an HDTV compliant picture with an ordinary DVD Title, thanks to its scale-up to 720p/1080i.

Video Enhancement
Samsung DVD-HD931 exhibits a remarkable enhancement in picture quality by adopting DNIe (Digital Natural Image Engine) chip, Samsung’s unique digital processing chip.

DNIe Chip:
It is located between the FLI2310 chip and DVI circuitry. It receives the digital video output signal processed by FLI2310, corrects for picture quality, and then outputs a digital video to DVI.

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) Adoption:
DVI is an interface to enable the digital transmission of video signals between various digital devices. Using a DVI, Samsung DVD-HD931 transmits a digital video signal and displays a vivid picture on a digital type TV having a DVI.

Motion Adaptive De-interlacing:
Motion Adaptive Technologies produce the finest progressive output available by detecting the amount of motion and using an appropriate mix of spatial and temporal processing with the highest resolution for still areas that have no motion artifacts in moving areas.

DCDi™ (Directional Correlational De-interlacing):
Samsung DVD-HD931 performs directional interpolation on each pixel with DCDi™ technology, which detects the angle of an outer tilt by pixel, and then de-interlaces a video signal according to the angle. By this cutting-edge process, it reproduces a soft and natural picture without any coarse outline. DCDi™ eliminates the jagged edges that appear when standard interlaced video is viewed on progressive-scan displays.

HDCD Playback Capability

Dolby/DTS Digital Output:

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