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Daniel Mai

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Oct 2, 2001
Rotel RSP-1066 Silver in Mint Condition - $1175 shipped US LOWER 48 STATES ONLY
It has the lastest firmware 2.25 and with video bandwidth of 200Mhz for component switching. This is an excellent pre/pro, bought 6 months ago from an authorized dealer, but have not been used for a month. Used in smoke free environment. Plastic on display still intact. I have original double boxes and packaging, remote, and manual. Go Here for info.

Rotel RT-1080 AM/FM Tuner Mint Silver - $400 shipped.**SOLD**
This tuner has RDS (Radio Data System) enhancements to make FM broadcasting even more enjoyable. RDS, where available, lets you see your favorite station’s call letters, for example, and the type of program material they’re broadcasting. Rarely used in 5 months and also has original box, remote, and manual in great condition. Great match for the RSP-1066. Go Here for info.

Rotel RB-1050 Amp 70W x 2 Black - $275 shipped** SOLD **
Black face, not silver in very good condition. An excellent amp for rear channels effect. very conservatively rated 70W x 2. It has a small scratch lower left at front handle, it has been touched up and not noticeable at all. I bought this used on ebay, box is a little beat up. Go Here for info.

Here's an excellent review of the RSP-1066/RMB-1075 combo.

Just in case you're wondering, I posted on AudiogoN and is very close to selling the matching silver RMB-1075 amp. Recently upgraded to Parasound Halo Series.

Payment - MO or Paypal(I'm a Verified Member so funding has to be drawn from your bank account). Local pickup will be discounted $25 per unit. If you need references, check the Good Trader's List or Ebay(I've only bought here though), ID: dtmai.

Thanks for looking

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