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FS: Rega P3/2000 turntable (1 Viewer)


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Feb 15, 2001

I'm putting my turntable up for sale. I finally upgraded to a better and more expensive turntable after about 3 years - this has been the component that's stayed in my system the longest as I went through upgrades for every other component. This was my first 'real' turntable (not counting a couple of $25 'tables that I picked up from pawn shops), and I think it's one of the best entry-points into "high-end" vinyl. It's strong point is conveying the pace/rhythym of the music. If you're into rock/blues/jazz, I don't think there's a better table for that kind of music at this price point.

I'm keeping the arm and cartridge, so this is the bare turntable only (plinth, motor, platter and mat). Audiogon always has multiple Rega tonearms for sale. The RB250 or RB300 would be perfect, with or without the popular mods that are available for these arms. People say that a modded RB250 is the best, followed by a modded RB300, stock RB300, and stock RB250 in that order.

Condition - except for a nick on the side of the MDF plinth (that was present when I bought it and doesn't affect playback at all), this is in near mint condition. A couple of tiny scuff marks on the dustcover, no swirl marks that I can see. The belt is about 3 months old. The main bearing was cleaned and the oil replaced sometime earlier this year. In other words, this needs no maintenance, it is ready to plug-and-play.

Mods - I've made two changes to this table. One was to remove the foamy material between the motor and the plinth and replace it with dynamat. This noticably reduced the amount of vibration transmitted to the plinth by the motor. The second mod was for the speed - all Rega tables run a little fast in the USA (something about the 60Hz vs 50Hz power supply frequency). Searching through Audio Asylum revealed the 'broccoli rubberband mod' - basically, using a thick rubberband around the subplatter to change its diameter to slow it down. This brought the speed down to what it should be, and was the simplest way to achieve this (other options involved sanding the bearing down to reduce its diameter - impossible to do by hand and maintain a perfectly round circumference). It's totally reversible, if you'd like to try the table at its original speed.

Price - $150 shipped. I have the original Rega box and packing inserts, so this will arrive intact. I'll take checks, money orders, and PayPal (from a bank account).

Pictures. You can see the nick on the side and the rubberband here.


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