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Kin Poon

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Sep 23, 2004
The 72tx has the same preamp circuitry as the 74tx, 82tx, and 84tx. The only thing that the (7/8)4's has over the (7/8)2's is USB, iLink, and 10extra wattage, and the only thing 8(2/4) series has over the 7(2/4) series is FCDi scaler.

BTW, i wanted to test everytrhing on the pioneer one last time before i offer it up for a final trade or on audiogon. I only use its preamp output and coaxial inputs so its pretty much a waste for me. If i didn't get this thing as a part-gift, i would have never got it. All video switching was done by the TV. I never use the MCACC as well since i trial test everything by ear.

So basically I never used the HDMI switching, MCACC microphone setup, or its internal amp. Well today i tried the amp and it works perfectly; the microphone works as well with all its auto calibration (i have two, I have the original,and an after market d****n microphone); and for the HDMI, i dont think the "handshake" was going too well with my 3yr old JVC tv and the newer verizon fios digital box. As a result, i cannot really test it.

In what i know..it works perfectly.

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Pioneer VSX-72TXV with Remote and 2 microphones (MSRP$1400.00): $300.00 obo!!! please add 3% for paypal and any shipping cost. I prefer local if possible. I live in MD, 21043

You can check my videogon and audiogon ID for reference: Kinn


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