FS: Pioneer Elite VSX-24TX

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    Jun 13, 2002
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    Here are the specs from Pioneer's site:
    THX Select Certified A/V Receiver with Dolby Digital & dts Processing

    Dolby Digital and dts Decoding
    THX Select Certified
    24-bit Digital Processing Chain for absolute accuracy
    Crystal 24-bit A/D Converters
    Motorola 24-bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP56362)
    Burr Brown 96k / 24-bit D/A Converters
    Digital Signal processing to re-create different acoustical environments. Modes include: Hall 1, Hall 2, Jazz, Dance, Theater 1, & Theater 2
    Advanced Theater
    Midnight Mode
    Digital Noise Reduction
    Direct Energy MOSFET Amplifier Design
    Stereo: 90 watts per channel (20 Hz to 20 kHz, @ 8 ohm, 0.09% THD)
    Surround: 90W x 5 (20 Hz to 20k Hz, @ 8 ohm, .09% THD)
    6 ohm load capability guaranteed
    Convenience Features:
    6 Channel Decoder Input
    Illuminated SMART Remote Control
    On-Screen Display
    Front A/V Input (with S-Video)
    Loudness Curve
    Electronic Bass and Treble Controls
    Direct Switch
    FL Display Dimmer (3 steps to create the theater atmosphere)
    4 Digital Inputs and 1 Digital Output
    5 Audio Inputs ( Tuner, Phono, CD, Tape1/MD, Tape 2/Mon.)
    5 Audio/Video Inputs (DVD/LD, TV/SAT, VCR 1, VCR 2, Video (Front))
    S-Video Switching (with S2 Compatibility): All video Terminals
    Banana Speaker Terminals (All channels)
    Pre-Amplifier Outputs (Front L, Front R, Center, Surround L, Surround R, Subwoofer)
    Pioneer SR Input and Output for System Integration
    3 Rear Panel AC Accessory Outlets
    Tuner Features:
    AM/FM Tuner
    Random Presets for 30 AM/FM Stations
    3 Speed Tuning

    These have been going for around $350 on Ebay lately so that is what I am looking to get out of it plus shipping.
  2. ilyak

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    Apr 9, 2002
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    hey, ill give you a canon s800 and a chenbro genie server case and $90 for it. lmk
  3. BrianDD

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    Jun 13, 2002
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    Thanks for the offer, but I am really looking for the cash on this. I'm trying to fuel the next upgrade.

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