FS: Pioneer Elite VSX 07TX ,THX receiver

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    i have a pioneer elite VSX 07 TX receiver, the first elite receivers to come out - bought this back in 1999.
    it is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally.
    this receiver only has dolby digital , no dts , no 5.1 channel inputs.
    selling $350 shipped lower 48 states.
    email me at [email protected]
    here are the specs:
    Pioneer Elite VSX 07TX THX Certified Dolby Digital A/V Reciever
    Dolby Digital Processing with Exclusive Pioneer designed "MUCAP" LSI
    5 Channel AIS (Accurate Imaging System)
    Urushi Finish
    Front Panel Door provides uncluttered cosmetic appeal
    Amplifier Features:
    Stereo: 110 Watts x 2
    20 -20,000 Hz, .09% THD @ 6 ohm
    Surround: Front: 100 Watts x 2, Center: 100 Watts, Rear: 100 Watts x 2
    20-20,00 Hz, .8% THD @ 6 ohm ALL CHANNELS DRIVEN
    Full discrete output transistors on all channels
    Preamplifier Features:
    5 Video Inputs: LD/Sat, DVD/TV, VCR1, VCR2, Video (front panel)
    5 Audio Inputs: Phono, CD, Tape 1, Tape2/Monitor, Video (front panel), plus Tuner
    Pre-amp Outputs: Front (L/R), Center, Rear (L/R), Sub
    AC3 Input Configuration:
    LD/Sat: AC3RF , and AC3/PCM Digital (Coaxial)
    DVD: AC3/PCM Digital (Coaxial)
    Additional Optical AC3/PCM Digital Input selectable for either DVD or LD function
    S Video Inputs: LD/Sat(S1), DVD(S1), VCR1(S1), VCR2(S1), Video
    Multi Room And Multi Source: Tuner, CD, Tape1, VCR1, LD, DVD
    Low noise, Motor Driven Volume Control
    Separate Bass and Treble Controls
    Loudness Contour
    Digital Signal Processing: Hall, Jazz, Studio, Theater 1 and
    Theater 2
    Performance Features:
    THX Processing and Certification
    Direct Energy MOS Amplifier: MOSFET output transistors, heavy duty power supply
    6 ohm load capability guaranteed
    Screw type speaker terminals also accept banana plug
    Heavy Duty Power Cord
    Convenience Features:
    Graphic User Interface
    Easy Operation - "Heads Up" Preset and Smart Remote Control (using repeatable 40Khz carrier frequency)
    5 Action Keypad for complete front panel operational control
    DSS Operation (Pre-programmed & Learning)
    On Screen CDFile Titling capability of 100 discs
    3 AC rear panel accessory outlets
    Pioneer SR in/out for complete system integration
    Tuner Features:
    Random presets for 30 AM/FM stations
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    ooppss - sorry $350 shipped lower 48 states, my bad.


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