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FS: Pioneer DVL-909 (LD/DVD Combi Player) and 21 Laser Discs! (1 Viewer)

Michael D. Bunting

Jun 9, 1999
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I'm getting out of the LD game (for now!) and I have for sale the following:

Pioneer DVL-909 Combination DVD & LD Player

This great player was purchased brand new overseas by myself in January of 2000. It retailed for around $1275.00 and I paid just under $900.00 for it at the time. It is both NTSC and PAL compatible (there is a switch on the back). PAL: Only on DVD's and VCD's (not LD's).

It is also the champagne colored model (not the boring black one that is much more common) and really looks beautiful and is also very, very well built.

Includes the original remote (hardly used) and the original owners manual. Unfortunately, I do not have the original retail box, but I can assure you that I will package the DVL-909 extremely well to include double boxing it for shipment.

It's in excellent condition (no scrathes or marks anywhere) and plays DVD's and LD's perfectly with no problems.

Also a thing to note about the DVL-909 is that it is very hackable. I won't go into that too much here (just do a google search) and you'll find what I'm talking about easily. I will however mention that it is "Region Free" (so to speak) just by doing something simple in the players on-screen menu :)

FYI: I have not performed any of the available mods or hacks...this player has never been "opened" for any kind of mods whatsoever.

I primarily used this as a LD player to play back those great sounding DTS LD's and to also watch the original Star Wars Trilogy. I would say that this player has under 140 hours of use in the approximately 3-4 years I have owned it. It has the reputation of being one of the best LD players out there on the market. I'm selling it simply because I need the cash, as I am going through a divorce right now. I don't really want to sell this, but it's something I can do without right now, so for now anyway, it's available to you here on the HTF.

Includes; 21 laserDiscs (Sealed/DTS/THX/DD) - See list below!!!)

! $425.00 Shipped for everything !

Payment: via PayPal or Money Order only! Ship to USA only!

I'm a GOLD TRADER here on the HTF (Michael D. Bunting) (+41) and my ebay feedback is 100% Positive (+27) under: mdbunting

Please contact me with any questions you might have: [email protected]


Technical Features:
PAL/NTSC Dual System (DVD/Video CD)
LD Both-Side Play
Video CD Version 2.0 Playback

Video Features:
10-bit Video D/A Conversion (DVD/Video CD)
8-bit Digital Field Memory (LD)
Digital Noise Reduction (LD)
DVP (Digital Video Processing) System (LD)
GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Audio Features:
96kHz/20-bit D/A Converter
Virtual Dolby Surround
Legato Link Conversion

Transfer Bit Rate Indicator (OSD)
Frame and Field Step Play (DVD/LD)

Special Play Functions:
Condition Memory (up to 30 discs) (DVD)
Continue Play Memory
Cinema Mode (Personal Mode) (DVD/Video CD/LD)
Animation Mode (Personal Mode) (DVD/Video CD)

2 S-Video Output, 2 Video Output, 2 Audio Output (Analog), Optical Digital Output (for Dolby Digital/L PCM), Coaxial Digital Output (for Dolby Digital/L PCM), Coaxial Digital Output (for L PCM) AC-3 RF Output (for LD)


LaserDisc's Included:

1. Jaws (Signature Collection Box Set)
2. 1941 (Signature Collection Box Set)
3. For All Mankind (Sealed)
4. Private Parts (Howard Stern)
5. Forrest Gump (2 Disc Deluxe Edition)
6. Club MTV: Party To Go (Muisc Videos from the early 90's)
7. Ready To Wear (Sealed)
8. Lewis & Clark & George (Rose McGowan)(Sealed)
9. The Pallbearer (Schwimmer/Paltrow)
10. Con Air (THX/DD/Sealed)
11. The Saint (THX/DD)
12. Ransom (Gibson)(DD/Sealed)
13. The Natural
14. Batman Forever (Sealed)
15. Wedding Bell Blues (Sealed)
16. Cadillac Ranch (Sealed)
17. Andrew Dice Clay (No apologies (standup) (Sealed)
18. Beavis & Butt-Head Do America
19. Playboy's Cheerleaders (Carmen Electra)
20. The Rock (DTS)
21. Jurassic Park (DTS)

Please contact me with any questions you might have: [email protected]

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