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FS: Pinnacle Classic Gold Dual-8" Tower Speakers (Los Angeles) (1 Viewer)

Jonathan Burk

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May 31, 1999
Castaic, CA
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Jonathan Burk
Up for sale: A pair of Pinnacle Classic Gold Dual - 8" Tower Speakers

These speakers sound incredible, and have excellent low end. If you're using these in an apartment or smaller room, you won't need a subwoofer!

The drivers are in perfect condition. The cabinets have small scratches and dings from over the years. See the pictures.

$300 takes them! You can pick them up in Burbank or Santa Clarita, or I can meet you somewhere in the area if you want me to deliver them.

Info and reviews here:


The PINNACLE® Classic Gold Tower has quickly become the new standard by which full sized tower speakers are judged. Sheer depth & power are met by sparkling clarity throughout the audio spectrum. We achieve these performance standards with our "balanced theater" approach. Two of our finest 8" long throw woofers are driven through our unique Split Shelving crossover network and vented by three Diaduct Bass Accelerator ports for maximum bass. Perfect balance is achieved by way of our exclusive 1" Gold Dome tweeter. It is equipped with a special double tuned chamber and impedance suppression network. The result is superb highs and midrange clarity, even at the highest theater volume levels. For added flexibility we include biamp terminals. The bottom woofer can then be driven separately (as a built in subwoofer) if so desired.

The PINNACLE® Classic Gold Tower will deliver all the sound you need with more precision than you thought possible.

"If your budget allows spending $2,000 or so a pair ... This new entry from PINNACLE® can compete comfortably in this select company at half the price." - Julian Hirsch - Stereo Review


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