FS - Philips FR975 DTS/DD receiver 100W x 5

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    Hello friends,
    I'm selling this Philips FR975 DTS/DD receiver for $165 + shipping with a free monster (1M) Coax interlink digital cable, or $150 + shipping without the monster cable.
    I need a receiver with 3 optical inputs. I tried a fiber optic combiner to make 2 inputs out of one and it didnt work very well (sound would cut in and out sometimes). So I'm going to find a new receiver with 3 optical inputs.
    I believe this is a good entry level receiver, in fact I would be keeping it if I could only have 3 optical inputs instead of 2. It is superb on DVDs...I really hope when I find a new receiver it will play DVD's sounds that well. Receiver comes with remote (and batteries), AM loop antenna and FM wire antenna.
    Some notable stats:
    Dolby Digital (AC-3), DTS, and Dolby Pro Logic surround decoding
    100 watts per channel x 5
    4 Svideo inputs/1 Svideo output
    2 Optical Digital inputs/2 Coax Digital inputs
    Offers stereo downmix from multichannel sources for 2-channel digital output to CD-R or minidisc
    Natural Surround creates surround sound for 2-channel sources like a TV or CD player
    Here are the full stats:
    Adjustable speaker delay times
    Adjustable speaker levels
    Bass management
    Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding
    Dolby Pro Logic decoding
    DTS surround decoding
    Dynamic-range limiting
    Proprietary surround modes: 8
    Simulated surround processing
    Test tone/noise generator
    Analog audio stereo outputs: 2 pairs
    Coaxial digital audio outputs: 1
    Dedicated subwoofer outputs: 1
    Analog audio stereo inputs: 6 pairs
    Analog input jacks: RCA
    Coaxial digital audio inputs: 2
    Multichannel analog inputs: 1 set
    Optical digital audio inputs: 2
    Phono input
    Component-video outputs: 0
    Composite-video outputs: 2
    S-video outputs: 1
    Component-video inputs: 0
    Composite-video inputs: 4
    S-video inputs: 4
    Headphone jack: Yes (0.25-inch)
    Optical digital audio outputs: 0
    Preamp output
    Sets of front left/right speaker outputs: 1
    AC inputs (switched): 2
    AC inputs (unswitched): 0
    Audio/video split: Yes
    Front audio/video input: Yes
    Number of channels (including subwoofer): 6
    Screen dimmer: Yes
    Speaker terminals: Binding posts (clip type)
    Text entry: Yes
    Tuner: Yes
    Balance adjust: Yes
    Remote component linking: Yes
    Remote control type: Multibrand, push-button, full-function
    Stereo-reverse switch: Yes
    Volume control: Rotary
    Automatic station setting: Yes
    RF antenna input: Yes
    Station presets: 30
    Type: Digital AM/FM
    RS-232 digital interface: No
    Bass: Yes
    Loudness: Yes
    Treble: Yes
    Channel separation (playback): 45 dB
    Digital processors: Tetra Core digital processing
    Digital-to-analog audio converter: Yes
    Frequency response (+/- 3 dB): 20 to 20,000 Hz
    Power output (stereo): 100 watts per channel (front speakers) into 6 ohms from 40 to 20,000 Hz with less than 0.7 percent THD
    Power output (surround): 100 watts per channel (front speakers), 100 wpc (surround), 100 wpc (center channel); into 6 ohms from 40 to 20,000 Hz with less than 0.07 percent THD
    Signal-to-noise ratio (playback): 82 dB
    THD (stereo): 0.05 percent
    THD (surround, all channels driven): 0.05 percent
    Remote control: Yes
    Width: 17.13 inches
    Height: 5.32 inches
    Depth: 13.78 inches
    Weight: 20.72 pounds
    If you need references you can check out my ebay ID comments ([email protected]).
    Please Email me if you have any questions. If you're looking to enter the receiver realm, this is a good place to start!
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    Now $150 + shipping, or $165 + shipping if you want a monster coax digital audio cable with it.

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